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Any thoughts on how to merge the 'beneficial' aspects of [...]

Loganlea, Queensland
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Any thoughts on how to merge the 'beneficial' aspects of all the prevailing alternate movements (limiting the conflicting aspects) - to form a massive beneficial movement whose validity cannot be ignored
Mat Dowle
That was my main vision when I created the Coeō Community Connector platform. Here is my thinking... "Movement A" refuses to work with "Movement B" because they don't agree on the finer details of what needs to be done... but in a particular location (i.e. you local town) the local members of "Movement A" and the local members of "Movement B" can still cooperate on local issues even if the movements they "follow" won't cooperate. So the idea of the Coeō Community Connector is to bring the members of all the moments together at a local level so local people can take local action together regardless of the disagreements between the movements they support. The idea was to create an "agenda-free" tool that all movements can make use of with the underlying aim of bringing their "members" together at a local level. The challenge now is encouraging the various movements and their millions of supports to come on board.
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 13:36:13
cheers mat, great work btw. at the very least, most agree their needs to be a change (gonna be a new gov order sometime 'soon' so may as well place the people up for election backed by agreed standards) but have become too docile in having things/thoughts given to them, give into fear of the unknown or too easily put-off by effort. just wanna form a plan or somesuch to move things for the better - we can all agree on how to build a house (with some variance)and form a blueprint for clarity cuz everyone can see their roles, the final outcome and what needs to be done
Wednesday 2 September 2015, 01:38:43
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