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Hi guys, nice to be part of this community. [...]

Houston, Texas
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Hi guys, nice to be part of this community. I have this Idea of creating a community in Argentina, in the country close to Buenos Aires, but far enough to be safe. It will be next to a river so will be plenty of water and fish too, besides will be growing our own vegetables, and there are lots fruit trees in the area. I'm not sure the minimum number of people needed for this kind of project nor the maximum either. I will appreciate any feedback, suggestions, since I'm new here. I want to make it happen, so will do all the due diligence, etc. at not cost for the group and I don't even care about managing the funds somebody else can do it if any concern. I have notice the some people have another timing, more slow, they want to talk... about this and that and talk again. I'm not here for that. It won't be any waste of time I would like to pull this out fast. Thank you very much!
Sounds interesting David, I would like to hear some more about your plan of action..
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 18:52:49
Hi Luke7, glad to know that you could be interested on this. I don't really have like a " business plan" because I know some people would like to do it in some other part in Argentina or even other country like Chile, Ecuador, and I open to it, also open to different ideas on how to "built" this community. However the basic idea is 1-find the people. 2-get the funds to buy the land needed. 3-buy the land. 4- move there. 5-start the vegetable garden(s). 6-built the cabins/houses. Funds can be held on a escrow account and deposit to the land seller, we can even make a legal entity if needed. I don't know in deep the ubuntu philosophy but I like the general idea, and I like this idea of living in the area called "delta del tigre" I know the place my dad used to live there. For example timber workers move from one place to another build a cabin stay there for a couple of years, then move again and so on. That's why I have no worries what so ever about. I know for sure it can done, there is plenty of water and fish, and yes we will still need some money after we are up and running for some land taxes, other expenses, etc. Luke7 you can find videos and pictures on internet. Hope you like it!
Thursday 11 August 2016, 04:46:36
David, you still there ?
Saturday 24 February 2018, 21:29:04
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