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Interesting article. '10 Signs The New World Order Is Losing [...]

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Interesting article. '10 Signs The New World Order Is Losing Control.' All's not lost.…
Martin K
Loved this article, inspiring and motivating....what a time to be alive..
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 20:30:50
Biggest obstacle: media lies.
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 21:00:38
Agree 100%. As far as I know propaganda is legal in the UK. Might not be lawful but its legal.
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 21:53:36
Martin K
I'm still trying to digest just how far the lies's amazing they have pulled it off for so long...but now the paint is peeling...
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 21:58:46
Down the rabbit hole is a never ending trip Martin 👀
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 22:09:25
Getting the UN out of the USA along with the Federal Reserve system are an idealists dream. In the court of informed public opinion it would have standing but I am doubtful that with the underlying dynamics built into the system make it a lame duck. I welcome out of left field surprizes.
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 23:21:39
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