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HI ALL, Found a video on You Tube of a [...]

Reading, Pennsylvania
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HI ALL, Found a video on You Tube of a NYC meeting on targeted individuals. Wanted to share this video with all since I too am a targeted individual by the Feds/FBI/Cia. My children and I have been targeted/stalked/harassed in many different ways. What has not happened to me is voice hearing memory lost and as for electric directed energy attacks, I'm no sure. All should be aware of what has been happening to thousands of innocent people around the world and needs to come to an end. Hopefully this video may help someone.
great video , thanks
Friday 12 August 2016, 02:43:54
Lorraine H
not really great, sad to hear what these people may be going trough. As for me I know gang stalking/targeting from the feds/Fbi/cia is very much real because my children and I are personally experiencing it. What I teach my children is no matter what video you see or what anyone tells you it may not be 100 present true because you didn't personally experience it, the person telling the story may be lying, or it may be something they believe in. But as for my experience, Yea I can conform this is definitely happening. That's why I keep to myself and my beautiful children.
Friday 12 August 2016, 03:00:30
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