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I am fed up of this whole system, how we [...]

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I am fed up of this whole system, how we are robbed of what is naturally meant to be ours. How freedom is faked.
Are there any groups in the UK where the movement has already started? small communities living the ubuntu way? Or is it possible to start one?
im looking forword to find good people to start somme ubuntu projekt!…
hafe fun
Friday 12 August 2016, 18:59:05
If you can get to India...Look here :
its an UBUNTU-like Village in the south of india
<3 With Love & in Resonance *Kathy*
Friday 12 August 2016, 19:52:28
Have you been there Kathy? I checked out the link, and it looks like something is happening there
Friday 12 August 2016, 23:30:20
We need to get something going in the UK! I think the first task it to identify some land that can be used and take it from there. Any suggestions ?
Saturday 13 August 2016, 23:29:59
Here is a suggestion I am currently working on: take a crate measuring no more than 18" x 14" × 30" and weighing no more than 50 lbs (these are the checked baggage limits for Via Rail here in Canada). Construct the crate solidly enough so that it can be used for other purposes if it is not used to transport goods.

Fill it with one item from each category, including a backup. Shelter, water storage and purification, food storage and preparation, including heat, clothing, footwear, headwear, mittens, gloves (giving emphasis to the climate you expect to travel in), sleep system, computer gear, camera, batteries, power generation, food procurement, seeds, dried food, spices, fuel, fire starting capabilities, lighting, sound, video recording and editing capabilities.

Many of these items you may already have, but may not be all gathered together in a single box. With the these items together in a single, transportable, re-usable crate, you should be able to live for an extended period, without additional inputs for the items you have gathered.

Good luck!
Sunday 14 August 2016, 01:31:36
Neil Warren
Our freehold home-office-art studio was stolen by the UK authorities on 14 Jan 2014. From before then I was exploring what alternative systems to Money+Hierarchy might work, and Ubuntu is one of them. Best I can offer for now is that we get used to using a recognisable name (again), online with offline, and if you want to see how thousands and eventually all such property thefts are reversed, by all means find and connect with me on Fa£$€book Inc (for now) - I'm /neil.warren.961, and get seriously stuck into this:

Layman's Guide to Conveyancing Fraud:

a) If you signed a mortgage deed that wasn't dated at the moment you signed it;

b) And/or without witnesses properly attesting to those signatures;

c) And/or you signed the deed before you even owned the property you were instructed grant a mortgage over, in order to receive the funds to buy it from the owner;

Then you have the legal right to have its illegal registration cancelled by the Land Registry because the mortgage is void for failing to comply with the law;

And both the Land Registry and your conveyancing solicitor are liable for any losses you incur as a result of that illegal registration.

More details from World People's Peace Prize candidate Michael O'Bernicia:…
Sunday 14 August 2016, 10:37:50
Neil Warren
We have a few Canadian contacts, and it'll be better than boxing our lives up, "funny" or not as that may be.
Sunday 14 August 2016, 10:38:44
It helps if one has land to argue about. But welcome to Truth Seeker's Syndrome (TSS?). Better in my mind to walk away a free man, integrity intact, than to fight a battle that can't be won, alone. I have something in mind for that crate, with those exact dimensions, it was more for those guys itching to do something, that could prove useful when the unexpected happens, as you describe. All the best! Tough one.
Sunday 14 August 2016, 19:19:09
Michael E. V. Knight
Remember Ubuntu Contributionism is NOT about buying land and starting new communities (though that can be done), it is about working TOGETHER in existing small towns.

Watch ALL the videos here:
Sunday 14 August 2016, 20:38:37
Michael, have you ever heard of "Systems Thinking"? I have put together a list of twenty Ontario (Canada) cities here (…) which I was hoping could be used as a template for exactly what you describe. In the meantime, I need to ensure my personal "system" (i.e. me), survives into tomorrow. Gathering everything I need into a predefined dimension and weight (and working to make it dovetail with others of like mind) means I can live well with greater freedom, all the while reducing my ecological footprint. It's a 3D list of everything I need, distilled from experience and can also include a number of components listed in Tellinger's book.
Sunday 14 August 2016, 21:11:47
Michael E. V. Knight
Large cities are harder to work in because they are more expensive to live in and there is usually not much land available to grow food on. Michael Tellinger recommends starting in small towns. It might also be a good idea to join existing eco communities and teach them the ideas of UBUNTU Contributionism so they change from "self sufficiency" to global sufficiency for ALL.

Here is a page to find some of these type communities:…
Sunday 14 August 2016, 21:19:05
Thing is Micheal I live in the UK, and it seems like there is a lack of motivation here to get things moving..
Sunday 14 August 2016, 21:26:14
Michael E. V. Knight
Seems like many of us are finding that same problem, too bad our personal circumstances do not allow us (those ready/willing/able) to gather TOGETHER in one location. The sad thing is even the many people that say they want this are not helping us achieve it. i get messages from people saying let me know when a community is up and running and i will come work/help. Problem is if they do not help NOW the communities will not get started. If we can't get started where we live we need to help starting communities financially as much as we can.

i just sent $100 to Ubuntu USA to use as they see fit to move us forward. In the next month or two i will send another $100 to help Michael and Louise with the South Africa communities. $1.67 a day for 60 days = $100+. Every dollar we can send these communities helps the Ubuntu "Pilgrims" survive and prosper, and lead us to the FREE world. There are over 10,000 "likes" on Ubuntu USA page, just $10 a month from each is over $100,000 a month, enough money to get these communities up and running quickly.

Luckily SOME people are DOING, like the first US Ubuntu Community starting in Bolton Valley, Vermont (US). Michael will be visiting them Sept 30-Oct 2 2016. Michael is also working with 12 villages/tribes in South Africa starting Ubuntu Communities there. It IS happening, slowly, but it is happening. And like Michael Tellinger says once the first community is up and running the capitalist dominoes begin to fall
Sunday 14 August 2016, 21:37:39
I lived in the US for 10 years, and the majority of the people there can't afford to donate $10 a month.

I joined up on the website here after seeing the recent utube videos of Micheal Tellinger in London which I thought were great! I also thought after seeing a lot of people in the audience, I was expecting some what of a ubuntu scene here in the UK, but that has not been the case unfortunatel. Maybe a few arm chair supporters, lol
Sunday 14 August 2016, 22:03:10
Neil Warren
When I get an armchair back, as well as our home and land, Luke7, it'll be lol at the queen, her financiers, the government, civil service, police and army, and legal and accountancy professions instead.
Monday 15 August 2016, 16:55:45
This is all very good and Michael has a point we need to get our own communities going. The reason I like this idea of setting up a new community is the corruption in this country is so deep. We are trapped in a system that prevents just this from happening untill we brake this things will not move forward
Monday 15 August 2016, 18:04:55
Neil Warren
We have to become our own "cavalry" riding over the hill to our rescue, thus:…

Neil Warren3 seconds ago
Superb Patrick, just superb. And while I'm assuming you are stressing Irish for Irish reasons, you and we all might also like to know and be inspired by the fact that a chap called Mark Ceylon (50,000 Get out of Debt Free club) just posted you in a David Icke (20,000) fb group (that I saw), and we're gratefully receiving this laser-like pass from the scrum, and passing it on to any and all teams (that are not Rothschild Central Bank Network related) to run (and educate) with, as they will.

That fb link is:…

...and believe me that it's also going to find its way back to such as Anna Von Reitz's Living Law Firm (winning 20 : 0 at the last count) and more. So whichever "Team Patrick" did help assemble and distribute, many, many thanks again.
Thursday 18 August 2016, 16:21:04
Neil Warren
Must be when I double-up with the fb-link too (sorry). Deeply educational (and easy) YT is:…
Thursday 18 August 2016, 16:22:47
I look into this promissory note but it's all very complicated and hard to work out when you can and can't use it!
Thursday 18 August 2016, 21:26:56
Friday 19 August 2016, 20:56:04
Good work Q
Friday 19 August 2016, 22:27:58
Neil Warren
I just passed to Equality333 and David info (as a summary word or two) back to others on Practical Action paths, and if you can take it from me that we'll be blending "no money" living with equally "free off grid" energy, into as many communities as we can wake up and activate, this being a copy-paste extract from that same email chain, focusing on a North Yorkshire village (which is not where I'll be living):

My thinking and type-talking on, having mentioned here and there that Angelsey costs £275mill at today's silly prices, yielded a potential Bernicia Central No 1 Conversion, around which the details of a Universal Community Trust structure would equally intrigue me. Paul Liversuch (fb strapline "I'm sorry, you want PAYING for that!?") found and showed me:

West Heslerton: Village goes up for sale for £20m

West Heslerton, near Malton, has a 21-bedroom mansion, pub, petrol station, 43 homes and 2,116 acres of land.

The village has been owned by the same family for over 150 years, but has been put up for sale after the most recent owner died.…

We might need a "machine gun" nest on the entry roads, and to be interviewing our own, separate, contributionist / alt-money Peace Constable, and obviously estate agents Cuntalls are going to be beyond disappointed, etc..

Plus if some of the homes were used by assorted technically competent scorched earthers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) they could show why a li-fi rewire anyway, and self-generators, and 1000% better water filtration and the rest, was a great idea, whether or not potential evictees have had to trash the banks's toys (our homes) in the meantime.
Sunday 21 August 2016, 12:32:45
@ Luke7: the first question directly at me was: if I have been up there in India at this commune... But I was not there at all. Google gave me that suggestion and there were more like Findhorn and the 1 underground in Italy those 2 I have heard of before but the 1 in India was new to me and while I was watching I realised that that must be what UBUNTU must look like in the future.

BTW the election outcome has heavily disappointed me cause I was so certain that they would win... Only it was not as simple as Michael T. suggested...
And now Ive lost a lot of UBUNTU "spirit" so to speak. Dont even know when the next elections are and even if UBUNTU will make it until than...
Tuesday 23 August 2016, 11:14:01
Hi Kathi, howe are you?
looks like the time has come to make things happen. (in german we say: to take thing in our own hand)
don`t worry if politics dont do what we want. we don`t have to do what politics wants. be the change in the world you want to see!…
be happy! (if this is what you want)
Tuesday 23 August 2016, 12:38:40
Neil Warren
Latest ideas from Michael, in words, added to the Flat Earth debaters here (with a slightly admonishing note and tone from me). Add you comment to show what your priorities are?:…
Friday 26 August 2016, 11:24:37
Neil, I respect your emotional response based on what you have shared. Each person's background influences their interests. Michael Tellinger, for instance, started off in music (as well as pharmacology) and is now interested in politics. I grew up on a farm and would not have dreamt in a thousand years I would be in the position I am now. I think there is a difference between respecting the need of an individual to explore the different ideas that present themselves and attempting to control the exploration others. This post started off with a person asking about starting Ubuntu Communities. If some of those communities start to take hold, by definition, people will have more opportunity to explore ideas, in addition to taking part in the basic day to day necessities. In less than two weeks (once again) I will be in need of a place to stay. But I am (mostly) prepared, something that has taken more than five years. But... if these communities take hold will it be right to "control" or direct what others do with their spare time and thinking? NO! That's the whole idea. Flat earth or round earth, one planet or many, the communities as a seed is the important aspect. But so is how the older people respond to the ponderings of the other. To be told, "Don't!" is anathema to a young person. To be told "how" and "why" is different. Logic and argument are important and difficult topics can be used to hone those skills as well.
Saturday 27 August 2016, 00:03:55
Neil Warren
"cbos" - Abi started by asking what was happening in the UK. Spending 5 years boxing stuff up for living landless in Canada might or might not have helped her, although I do understand your world too.

How? Because for 5 years and including across a LinkedIn group I built from scratch, "Transition Town Ottawa" (site down) man Chris Tidman here followed me around:…

His basic advice as my horrors (theft of land) unfolded was "get over anger, sell buttons for $10, pocket $5 difference, live on" and other such bits of philosophical and practical wisdom. Not sure what he thinks about flat earth or whether buttons should feature same. He's in his early 70s and severely hearing impaired, which he neglects to mention until 2 - 3 years of sending him video-audio of the likes of Michael Tellinger but to which he seems not to react. He is now working some version of Empowr with $2,000+ to his name, if you want to catch up and work together yourselves.

I was also in a Systems Thinking World group on LinkedIn, and spotted - where others did not - one Horst G Ludwig (my age, ish) suggesting that 30 years in the international money wars had motivated him to create Community Compensation Culture, and which morphed into Scientific Democracy as a political option - so our LI group evolved through a SDGB phase too (from Modern Selling).

There is also a 2013 recording of me with Foster & Kimberley Gamble and some mostly American wannabe Thrive Movers, here:…

Yesterday, on Fa£$€book Inc (coming down) I picked up this from Telara Sky (ex Armaments Factory worker), who is without permanent abode in USA Inc, via the UK Transition Network (Ubuntu) group:…

Telara Sky Dpd I've tried to get (Ubuntu) going here and this is part of the issue. ---> I get some people interested (with the promise of "$$$" to invest) in the project, then it turns out the promise was "BS" they only were interested in "romance" and NOT the project!? If we could get some worthy investors here who really want to invest here we could be up and running and making big strides here. Homes (fixer uppers) go for as little as "$26,000" and I can people to fix these homes up and then rent them our of flip them for profit. The banks here are DESPERATE to unload these foreclosed homes, they sit collecting dust because there's NO real industry here. We can change that with the right game plan!! But I need SOLID INVESTORS and NOT "Hopeful Romantics" here!! I'm NOT doing this for "romance" it's for the cause!!
Like · Reply · 19 hrs

And that post was started by one Nick Tapping, UK lead for The Money Free Party, excited that he has made it to 7 members already, and bragging that his American lead lady will (probably) be ready for the 2024 USA elections. His comment after my answer to Telara being: "Nick Tapping lol get a life man
Like · Reply · 18 hrs"

My children are adult, Adam & Claire, both still UK-based, and they'll tell you themselves how much I have or haven't controlled their thinking, as opposed to encouraging them to learn and experience for themselves. Grandchild Sebastian via Adam is a bit young to comment, but I see signs and have hope.

READ THIS!! (and the rest of his site and sites / channels / network won't kill you either)…

...and then anyone who agrees with me that we don't have until 2100 to make noticeable flat-Earth (or round and hollow world) changes, so are fighting tooth and nail to make us real by 2020 instead, please redouble your efforts.

Showing anyone out there profiles called "cbos" or "Truth333" confirms to many that we are that self-same bunch of hopeless dreamers who have been frustrating Telara - and others. Stick with these dreamy profiles and plans though, by all means, if that's what's going to work for you and yours, or however many of you are still alive in 2100.

Sunday 28 August 2016, 11:35:38
Neil Warren
Were the network rumors that the entire Fort McMurray town was burned to collect on the insurance likely right, or wrong, do you, cbos, think or know?
Sunday 28 August 2016, 11:42:04
Neil Warren
Nick Tapping with 20-something Ubuntu Coordinator for GB SK Stockport and GB M Manchester areas (google "lawfulbank GB xx Xxxxxxx") Rik Parris who I tag-invited to comment, and me, ongoing:

Nick Tapping I think all intelligent people will abstain from voting about issues that they are not equipped to understand thoroughly.
And the so called Money Free Party is a registered political party in the UK, and also in N Zealand where it is standing 16 mayoral candidates.. we also are doing some serious work in the USA as we gear up for the 2024 presidential elections with work like our homeless analysis..…
But putting MFP aside
The UN is not into agenda 21 anymore, now its Agenda 2030…...
you have to be fast to keep up with the times... and if you are fast and informed you would of known a couple of years ago about the split within the UN between its masters and its workforce... here is a result of that split…
On method and strategies that keep us all down and following the narrow narrative.... this 2,000 year old book beats any common blog
and is read by all major politicians and military people... the art of war, is to get your own way without firing a shot, without loosing a soldier... this is the ultimate book of strategy built on for the last 2000 years and used against us..…
Neil this is not a competition between you and I.... stop seeing it as one... move on and let your ego take the back seat.

USA Homeless Report
USA Homeless Report
Like · Reply · 20 hrs
Rik Parris
Rik Parris The biggest problem here is that many of the ideas which need to be implemented in order to truely free us from £-slavery are so in opposition to the current paradigm, that most people cannot begin to understand how much better theie lives could be.

What we really need is people to demonstrate this to others in simple and easily implemented ways - to give people the opportunity to experience this for themselves.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 9 hrs
Neil Warren
Neil Warren Agreed Rik, thus my focus on working with Team O'Bernicia to claim back what we have paid thrice-for anyway, and then being fast enough to know that GB YO -> GB EH comprises what Bernicia is, find the sustainable hamlets and villages where Universal Community Trust has the best possible chances of seriously taking root, like:…...

And then if Paul Hesling / English of Euro Folk Radio "fame", who also has access to a "nearly there" over-unity energy generator, does feel that his "perfect parish" matches up to that, and any Ubuntu-Contribution teams also like the working model, as well as a MFP New Zealand mayor hearing about it, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, as one or two children used to say.
Sunday 28 August 2016, 11:47:47
Neil Warren
Walter D's doing a veggie burger and some chicken thighs though, for anyone more inclined to the gentle pace of change:…
Sunday 28 August 2016, 11:52:23
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