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Through the process of "Chinese whispers", from me, to a [...]

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
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Through the process of "Chinese whispers", from me, to a lumberjack, to the council, to the local farm land manager... my intended adjustment to my back fence has gone from me clearing rubbish, taking down a small already decaying bush and replacing part of a broken fence.. to me allegedly planning to tear down a 15ft high x 20ft wide x 10 ft deep patch of trees (that covers onlookers from my back yard and which I know contains various nesting birds, so wouldn't even considered doing that), ripping out my entire fence, pushing it back beyond its boundary and building a garage !!! LOL !!...... Rumours blown up from some light gardening, to major construction work, and all without anyone so much as asking me what my plans were, I had to be challenged by the farm land manager as I started the work today who said I was intending to rip this whole bush/tree/wildlife area down and build a garage.. I literally laughed in disbelief !!... I think they thought they'd put me on the back foot by asking if i had planning permission (which I do, from the God/Goddess, a trust bestowed in me to tend all creation in a caring manner, a responibility which I take very seriously).. to which I simply replied "Yes, I have permission".. they then asked to see my permission, and I replied with, "Look, if theres a crime being committed here I suggest you call the police", which seemed to put a cap on this light confrontation and a pretty pleasant conversation continued there after.... Anyway, thats the news from my neck of the woods. Over and out
is it gonna be a single or double garage?????
Saturday 13 August 2016, 20:01:35
[deleted user]
If they carry on being dicks then i'll erect a block of fuckin' flats, just to make a point lol !!
Monday 15 August 2016, 18:23:17
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