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We had an even more spectacular than usual monthly Ubuntu [...]

Saint Paul, Minnesota
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We had an even more spectacular than usual monthly Ubuntu Minneapolis meeting today graced by none other than Michael Tellinger live via Zoom all the way from South Africa along with many other Ubuntu friends old and new.

It's invigorating to meet with this ever growing group of individuals regularly to co-create a new reality by positive action, by creating communities of abundance, and by seeding our global consciousness with hope. We have the power to change our world. By uniting, we can speed up that process.

Thank you Ubuntu Minneapolis Circle, and special thanks to Michael, Starr, and Ed for joining us today from afar. Love you guys and am beaming love and support to you for all that you do.

I know everyone in this circle has read this quote from Michael Tellinger right on the home page of Ubuntu Planet, but I find it so inspiring I'm going to share it again. It says it all in a nutshell:

Uniting people across borders and cultural divides imposed on humanity - laying the foundations for communities of abundance and prosperity on our beautiful planet of infinite abundance. Join the rapidly growing global UBUNTU family today - meet like-minded activators like you and become a seed of consciousness in your area.

We are the creators of our own reality - so let us use our collective consciousness to co-create the utopian world we all want to live in.

In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger
Well said Kari - it was a very refreshing meeting! This morning, as I browzedo the Internet, I came across this inspiring article and I couldn'the say it better. This is a call to action and our Minneapolis UBUNTU team is the tip of the spear to make it happen. Take some time and read this slowly. Enjoy!…
Sunday 14 August 2016, 16:44:35
Sunday 14 August 2016, 20:25:08
Monday 15 August 2016, 13:39:13
Monday 15 August 2016, 14:19:15
Bruce S
Beautiful sentiment Kari! I feel the beams of love! : )
Thursday 18 August 2016, 02:41:49
I just joined this circle and am eager for the next meeting. Will someone please tell me when and where?
Monday 29 August 2016, 13:59:28
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