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Clontarf, New South Wales
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I'm interested in meeting people who want to work on creating sustainable infrastructure for themselves and their community.
I'm not so much into the growing food thing, although I realise the importance of doing so, and have a few plans for that.

I'm good with technology, and am looking into off the grid and open source designs for transport, computing, internet, batteries/ power storage and generation, and other high tech that could be useful for developing local autonomy from the global economy.

I'm concerned by the state of global interdependency for the products and services we all are accustomed to in the first world. And I feel that a more decentralised locally autonomous approach would also be a helpful model for people in the third world, who are presently not being included in the prosperity of the first word economies.

I'd like to see a world full of self-reliant people and communities, that can operate resiliently even in the scenario of the tumultuous economic booms and busts economists are predicting for the coming decades.
well said,, I'm not able to help you but will point anyone I know in your direction. at least it appears we're on the same land
Thursday 3 September 2015, 23:41:13
Thanks :)
Sunday 6 September 2015, 07:23:42
wonderful approach & philosophy Damon. I am in total support of living in a self reliant environment and bringing people and communities together, getting back to basics, & utilising our technology of the day for good not bad - for innovation, creativity, efficiency. As we know, the "authoritarians" are using technology for "big brother" data collecting exercises to further regulate and oppress. The centralisation that we are now living in, is the reason that the world is in its current state of despair. I would love to be involved, and lend my support. Im great with marketing, communications, pr, great team member!! …. if I can help, let me know.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 04:37:33
Thanks Sunshine Looks like I missed your message in September.
Saturday 31 October 2015, 01:22:06
At the moment I'm trying to learn a little about energy technologies and will be looking out for people who do technical work in the renewable energy business, or know something about it and are happy to teach me about it.
Saturday 31 October 2015, 01:25:34
I'm doing a little investigation here and there to figure out simple solutions for storing electricity from solar and wind power etc. So far batteries seem like a high maintenance solution as they degrade chemically and have to be repaired or replaced relatively frequently. But I was looking up using generated electricity to store compressed air and then back again for running appliances off of solar at night time for example. It's very inefficient in terms of the amount of electricity wasted, but has no pollution and looks pretty low maintenance and cost effective long term.
Saturday 31 October 2015, 01:37:21
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