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Hello and good day to you! Anybody on the look [...]

Wells, Somerset
via SotR - United Kingdom - west midlands - bilston
Hello and good day to you! Anybody on the look out for a connection, in the neighbourhood of Dartmoor is welcome to contact me. Thank you.
Hi Pastinakel, I have not heard from you for a while! Be Well!
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 11:29:20
[deleted user]
Hello Heart, yes I've been busy with moving to another location. Now I live in Devon UK, the S.W. I didn't like being active in a virtual group much, for a while. But now, although I pay attention less to mass media increasingly and ignore the bombardment of info and dis-info on YouTube and similar "storytelling", I think it's valuable to be in touch with like-minded people, in preparation for the Big Sneeze ;)
Blessed be.
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 16:36:26
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