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We need to get together in some form or another [...]

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We need to get together in some form or another and get something moving. A campaign or even looking a building local communities in our individual areas.

Or we could look at encouraging local trade for local businesses.

Local film viewings

Also exchange ideas on how we can get things moving (i'm struggling for sure in my village)
We need a name for a group that everyone can stand behind with confidence that our intentions are for the better.
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 20:46:39
[deleted user]
Good stuff let's put our heads together and make something hapen. What does everyone else think.
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 09:08:54
Kortz1 don't thins the name is important NW full circle group would do fine.

How many people do we actually have in the NW or Lancs who are active in this group?

I mean I have ideas but they are all really to do with an established community. First we need to establish community in our local areas and this is where I struggle. We need some form of introduction meeting a video or leaflet say, then establish a meeting. In my experience the problem lies with establishing this, in the past people have just had meeting to arrange meeting which eventually leads to the brake down. Any ideas?
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 13:20:30
Hey llanrog good to hear from you :)
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 13:21:24
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