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Due to the great length of this text, I've got [...]

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Due to the great length of this text, I've got to cut it in half. Here's the second part about the nature of a planetary poleshift:

"In the Melchizedek transition, as you pass through what are called star-gates and go from one area of existence to another, the only way you can get through is by thinking, feeling and being very specific emotional and mental patterns.
These patterns generally come in sets of five or six [see chapter 13, update 5].

The pattern I used to enter this dimension was love, truth and beauty, trust, harmony and peace. There are many others. They are like codes or keys that allow you to pass the guardians. If the guardians sense that you are ready for the world they guard, they will let you through. If they do not, they will chase you back to the world from which you came.

It's just their job—and you set it up that way. If you can just sit there and keep chanting those patterns of love, truth and beauty, trust, harmony and peace, you don't have to worry about a thing. That's the female pattern. There are other patterns. There's a male pattern [see Fig. 18-2], which is compassion, humility and wisdom, unity, love and truth.

All star-gate patterns have love and truth. Wherever there is compassion and humility, there is wisdom; that's the male component. And wherever there is love and truth, there is unity; that's the female component.

On the first star-gate pattern, which is arranged differently, wherever there is love and truth, there is beauty, which is the male component. And wherever there is trust and harmony, there is peace, the female component.

So these mental/emotional states or star-gate patterns become the most important possessions you could have when you enter the higher worlds. They'll become even more essential each time you pass higher. Where does this process lead? When you reach the fourth dimension and see and understand your situation and begin to demonstrate your ability to control events, a funny thing begins to happen.
Remember the painting on the Egyptian ceiling called the egg of metamorphosis [see chapter 10, Fig. 10-34a], the one with the red-orange oval over the heads of the Egyptians as they were making the 90-degree turn into the next world?

Like them, you will begin to go through a metamorphosis. Like the butterfly, your body will rapidly change into something similar but uniquely different”.
Pharaoh" means "that which you will become." The first king given the name pharaoh was Akhenaten, with his lovely wife Nefertiti. If you want to know what you will become, there they are to see. The race they came from, the Sirians, are our father, and we carry the genes they have given us. At the right moment we will change into their race. It is a race designed for the fourth dimension. When it happens, you will say to yourself
"Of course, I remember."

The changes taking place in your body will feel so natural that you won't even think about it. Life in the next world will seem normal and ordinary once growth begins. You will have entered one of the three highest overtones of the fourth dimension—the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtones. In one or more of these three worlds you will gain the knowledge and wisdom to move into the fifth dimension, the beginning of a return trip straight back to God, ever-changing as the truth unfolds.

The eyes of the universe are upon us, the great souls of the universe are following us closely. We are the children of God who offer the possibility of new life to life. In deepest gratitude, I thank you for being alive".

Copied from the book "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume II" by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Starting at page 434 of the book. The books are present here and downloadable for free.
Hi ! Thank you for the posting. I definitely will look in to it. I had an experience similar to what you are describing about the guardians. That was long time ago but i did not know who were those immense ayes that greet me! Your posting might explained it more clearly. Thank you! ML!
Friday 19 August 2016, 13:47:36
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