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I'm Liz and I have a question about our trees, [...]

Visalia, California
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I'm Liz and I have a question about our trees, anywhere you are. The ones here in central California, right outside the Kings Canyon and Sequoia National parks/ forest they are mostly, how do I put this. Lively before the End to beginnings of changes. I reside and work half the year up there, to empower the minds of young and younger alike , to observe and have fun, and be. Beetle infestations took over, the drought and all the interesting planes going down in the valley, where most of the Ag and produce is grow. We were evacuated out of the Kings Forest due to the wildfire that has become the biggest wildfire in CA, been burning since July 31, 25% contained(so they say) it won't stop because of all the die off this year. The ponderosas' went first, then the beetle spread and attacked other trees. Ever week more and more circles of brown rotted dying/regenerating expanded. Naïvely thought it was just here. Drove up and down CA, beetles seem less choosy. They are causing an extreme die off, not just in the forest. In the cities, in the suburbs, everyplace. I'm down in the valley now but what Ive been seeing and feelings. the die off is so strong here, I saw die off on citrus trees I passed. This beetle isn't picky anymore. It's not just the pine trees anymore. Beetle signs are showing up on crop trees. We need new crop ideas fast, not just for food. These guys, the ones attacked by the beetles, well it's getting dangerous. Tree branches are snapping everywhere. Most of these trees have provided great towering shade over homes. I'm at a lose really, didn't think it would spread, forgetting beetle infestations have been happening since word. Gardeners are pulling out shrubs attacked by the beetles. It looks just as the forest did right before, most turned brown. There was a four year old killed by one of these branches, and two campers sleeping underneath a tree. If you have 'em around your house, or see dead/dying trees in your neighborhood please, please, let it be known that left the wood is rot and will fall. Don't know how to put this without getting emotional. It's emotional work, it's gonna hurt, we all grow from hurt. They aren't producing oxygen, guys. We are going to star seeing stumps. Just as when the Sequoias Where Felled, this is different though. we are losing our trees, we need to do something now. I can only point at so many and say
"Wouldn't stand there if I was ya's"
"Mmhmmm sure seems like a nice tree to park under, but ya notice the bark, the branches, wouldn't be parkin' near no 3's"
"If you looked up from the phone, ya might gasp"

Got derailed.
Where are you from?
How are the trees (pines, citrus, shrubs?
Anyone know off a drought resistant, beetle resistant, high oxygen plant? We have to replant
Friday 4 September 2015, 22:13:45
Eyes wide open....
I live out in Phoenix but spend a lot of time up at the Grand canyon. As I drive back and forth, I notice more and more that the trees don't look so well. Lots of brown dying trees along the freeways. I'm sure it is from the many assaults of modern civilization. Vehicle pollution, drought and chemtrails I believe would be the reason for the die off. I fear if we don't change soon live on this planet is going to drastically change.
Thursday 1 October 2015, 06:43:15
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