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It's said that if only 3% of the Earth's population [...]

Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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It's said that if only 3% of the Earth's population starts to agree then the rest will follow... What about 3% and destroying the governments, religion, corporations, zioniism , illuminati and the rest of the scum?! Yeah... If only we'd stop talking!
Hi Spike, can't say I don't feel the same. At first it was just great to know there are others who know that things are worse than screwy. Now I keep asking what is everyone DOING and, with a couple of exceptions, silence. Everyone keeps going to their jobs, paying the MAN and bitching about it. And why? Fear. It's not just agreeing, it's action that is necessary. The only way to stop "the scum" is to cut off their lifeblood- $$$$$$$$. So if you're paying any kind of taxes, anything to the banksters, any utilities, any governmental charges- you are supporting the enemy. I'm sure this will get as many responses as all my other "political" posts...
Sunday 6 September 2015, 10:43:26
Starve the human-parasite of oxygen. The other recourse has been thoroughly exhausted.
Sunday 6 September 2015, 19:11:05
OK- this is the overall observation, but obviously there ARE those of us who are not complying and who are making a noise- I'm guessing you are both in this group so can help by supporting others to do the same; by setting the example etc. We can help to build trust in a way of life which many simply have no experience of, so 'jumping into the unknown' is a big fear-factor for them, however 'unfounded'- Is it not true that its still very real for those trapped in the matrix.? This is surely a big part of the 'DOING', to demonstrate by example and encourage others to loosen their grip?
Sunday 6 September 2015, 19:53:25
My comment just disappeared! Hmm. I'll try again... I agree Lula and I try to reach out daily and spread the "word"- my "word" is freedom. I'm really talking about the folk here,. There are hundreds if the "Connect" is correct and yet only a handful post. I appreciate those that do, and this site for offering the platform, but what about everyone else? This I think is a huge problem. Everyone is waiting for "someone" to show them the way, instead of asking themselves, what makes my world less than perfect? And then DOING something about it, Anything, because that will be the beginning and will lead to the next step. Working on conquering frustration, obviously not there yet.
Monday 7 September 2015, 11:21:23
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