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I am leaving on Thursday to go have my tachyon [...]

I am leaving on Thursday to go have my tachyon energy healing sessions in South Dakota. When I return, HS and I will be opening a healing chamber here on the Central Coast of Ca. Cobra will come and set up and then charge our chamber on site with his Pleaidian Light and Love energy.

Once opened, we are going to provide benevolent healings to all who need this Tachyon Light healing work.

HS will still maintain and share her channelings.

We are super excited to be joining to launch this Light work. I am a healer, she is a channeler. Kindred...the perfect union of Light and Love. ☄☄🌝

Please share blessing and Light energy to me, for me during my healing sessions, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I am a healer unable to self-heal without Cobra's own Light. 😔
I absolutely KNOW with all that I AM, my healing work will aid me in my fulfillment of heal others who, like me, have been injured by the Dark forces.

Victory in Light!!
I am very happy you are going to do such a great thing! Blessings and my prayers are with you! Much Love!
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 02:28:09
cool yo, there's already a decent tachyon healing center and product shop in Santa Rosa CA- nice folks, been there before
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 08:53:16
[deleted user]
Danika congrats to you! That sounds so cool!
I am excited for you and all who are participating in this.This is awesome! Please keep us updated to this. I am already curious to hear from you how it is going.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 20:38:58
Kudos and lots of applause to you and your purpose! I am eager to learn more about the event in South Dakota... and about your progress in CA.
Thursday 8 September 2016, 14:11:15
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