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Watch this video before you judge and then decide, 1:49 [...]

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Watch this video before you judge and then decide,
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Monday 29 August 2016, 08:01:38
tony a
I think that Max Igan has laid it out correctly, do not judge until you really know the facts! By the way I was raised in a Catholic Convent - what does that make me?
Monday 29 August 2016, 08:08:35
This video was posted on youtube on Aug 23/16
Monday 29 August 2016, 08:24:59
I was raised in a roman catholic religion .But I have never believed in religion . Or attended church
Monday 29 August 2016, 08:30:45
As I comment on Max's post below from yesterday, a touch of true Zen from a true Master might serve us at this point: “To enter the Buddha Way is to stop discriminating between good and evil and to cast aside the mind that says this is good and that is bad.”
― Dōgen, A Primer Of Soto Zen

"Casting aside the mind" may be one of the best moves we can make, and 'thinking' with our Heart Intelligence and listening to our Good Gut Intuition, rather than the OMG reactive emotional state, would also be a beneficial position to hold (gently) in these times...
Monday 29 August 2016, 11:51:06
Sage O'Quay
Philosophers Stone responded to Max...…
Monday 29 August 2016, 16:10:15
Thanks for posting this valid response Mike- everyone deserves to be heard. And again, i will take the opportunity to ask good-hearted and level-headed people here if the CHILDREN are not the REAL 'victims' of this (and many other) situations and therefore deserve to be heard louder than any other voice? We could spend for ever arguing over the narrative and moral viewpoints and who has done/not done what and why etc.In the meantime, aside from falling into the 'play' designed to divide us, we are not taking the opportunity to respond to the 'silent' cries of the children. What's going on here ? Is it a case of "that's too much for me"? Is it "too much" for the child to continue to bear the abuse as we have allowed ourselves to be engineered into fragile, squeamish, damaged shadows of our True Selves? Don't you feel we all have a responsibility as 'adults' to provide a healthy planet free of tyranny and damaged sentient Beings? Have we forgotten that we are guardians of the planet and its children. Have we forgotten that we ourselves are children of this beautiful Earth? We have an opportunity in these Times like never (?) before to coeo (come together) and NOT ACT as ourselves but BE ourselves. BE as children , innocent and curious, imaginative and joyful.. direct and HONEST with ourselves first and foremost. We ARE remembering, faster than we can be engineered to DIS-Member.... the time is here to remember who we ARE and to heal ALL relationships including with our 'own' child if that indeed is damaged in some way. I know this is a long-winded rant, but I also KNOW this is our mission, anyone with Trumanity in their Hearts knows this...its for our children past, our children now, our children future and our child within. I have not read the bible, but i do see the truth here: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven". Is it not true that we can stop these mind-created illusions based in fear and regain Heaven on Earth for ourselves and our children, and for their children's children.... are we not the ancestors of those children who CAN change their world and stop the perpetual suffering and heal the wounds of all Times? Of course we ARE. I know I AM Blessings, Louise
Monday 29 August 2016, 17:10:50
tony a
Religion in all of its guises is a tool to create a socio-psychological foundation of reality for a people. It is clear that not one religious leader has a direct line to a God so they must all be guilty of fraud at the very least. Trillions of people have been murdered or had their lives ruined through organised religion but it is such a powerful weapon that relies on programming children (give me the child and I will give you the adult!) that it is no wonder that billions still kneel to unproven entities as though they were in fact real. Zen is just another victim of mass manipulation and I hope that he has laid out the truth as far as his situation is concerned and if he has we should stop trying to convict him. Of course if he turns out to be a monster then he should be pilloried and left to rot in his own pile of crap. I myself made the point that I was raised a Catholic but at the age of ten I realised that hypocrisy and lies lay at the heart of that religious organization. Over the next period of time I looked at all of the other 'Greats' and saw their inherent hypocrisy and then decided that if there was any spirituality at all in the world then it must come from my own heart and mind and that I absolutely didn't need a doctrine or a dogma to tell me what is good or bad. I have tried to walk the talk of what I truly believe and if any would like any form of advice then my advice would be that - "Walk the Talk"! You will find it a lot harder than following a Religion but also you would find it more fulfilling. Yours Tony!!!
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 03:03:28
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