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Just a collection of thoughts for this evening... First, in [...]

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Just a collection of thoughts for this evening...

First, in order to apply the term "abundance", it helps to give a figure to it and a means of attainment. From experience, I know that my "criteria" can increase with an increase of income, while my "happiness" may not always keep pace. At the same time, at the other end of the spectrum, a certain critical minimum is required in order to live at all, below that minimum, a person may cease functioning at an optimal level, and so may not be able to contribute.

Since we are living in a solid three dimensional world, with solid three dimensional bodies, this helps, as we can then define the minimum amount we need and then determine how these objects could "mesh" well with those of others. At the same time, although the economic system may not be ideal, we have it and so can also use it to measure the inputs into our system. From these base criteria the following numbers come to mind:

These are a box or crate of 14" x 18" x 30" weighing no more than fifty pounds, times two, plus a student sized backpack or "carry on", weighing no more than twenty five pounds. This meets luggage criteria for VIA rail here in Canada (…). This accomplishes two things. First, it sets an outer bound for the minimum a person needs in terms of size and weight, and second, it automatically means that they are then freer to travel as they items they have are designed to provide all of their minimum needs.

In this way, the disadvantage of having little becomes an advantage. By extension, the outer bound of size and weight can be applied to any human alive on this planet today. 7 billion people x 3 packages at 125 lbs for all three packages = 21 billion packages weighing no more than 875 billion pounds in total. To put it another way, the minimum amount needed for each person would weigh about that of an average lighter person. This isn't much.

With a defined goal such as this, it can them be much easier to find the items that would fit within these parameters (two packages of 50 lbs each and one package of 25 pounds) as there is an outside limit to contain everything. This should also make it much easier for the population as a whole to fit within the ecological bounds of this planet, rather than exceeding it's limits, as it is currently according to the last official figures from the Global Footprint Network Site (…)

Here is a list of items I have just gone through this afternoon:

1.0 Food & Meal Preparation
1.1 Stove
1.2 Fuel
1.3 Lighting System
1.4 Kettle/Pot/Bowl Integrated System
1.5 Coffee filter
1.6 Collapsible "sink" (bucket) & scrubbers/cleaners
1.7 Cutlery
1.8 Spices

2.0 Computing
2.1 Nano CPU
2.2 Lightweight USB Display
2.3 Keyboard
2.3 Cords & Adapters

3.0 Shelter & Sleep
3.1 Sleep Pad
3.2 Bivy
3.3 Liner
3.4 Pillow
3.5 Mosquito protection-
3.6 Tarp, ropes & tent pegs

4.0 Clothing
4.1 Socks (2 pair, 1 lambs wool)
4.2 Underwear
4.3 T Shirt
4.4 Shirt
4.5 Pants
4.6 Sweater

5.0 Lighting, Sound, Camera
5.1 Solar powered LED light
5.2 Solar powered Bluetooth speaker
5.3 USB Camera+
5.4 Compact wireless camera

6.0 Communication
6.1 Using wireless where available. 4G/LTE is a potential.

7.0 Travel Kit
7.1 Campsuds
7.2 Shaver
7.3 Mirror (2)
7.4 Electrical Tape (1 Black, 1 White)
7.5 Sewing Kit
7.6 Wash Cloth

8.0 Day Pack
8.1 Water, Water filtration
8.2 Jacket -> tent?
8.3 Change of clothes
8.4 Snack
8.5 USB Charger & Cords
8.6 Solar Charger?
8.7 Extra pair of glasses
8.8 Compact Li-ion USB battery
8.9 120V to 5 V adapters (2)
8.10 USB to micro (2)

* The minus sign (-) indicates not yet included, the plus sign (+) indicates may be extra and may need to be discarded.

Although I am not a marketer, and have no interest in marketing, a name that comes to mind is the "Ubuntu Pack" or "Ubuntu Kit" or something along those lines. That is, as this kit is in the process of being tested (and it's working so far!) replicating this working system could mean it could be rolled out for others. According to one site, "Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day"(…). Let me know if this interests you and if you would like to help with this in some way and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
Whew cbos! You have taken reductionism to the max the time. Your little experiment certainly has gotten the minimum requirements for a human down to a science!
However, I know that this is just a thought experiment for you and I, like you, sometimes like to be able to make a list to clarify my thoughts. Hopefully, you came to the conclusion that abundance will never fit in a backpack! I know I'm not alone in my point of view to say that if I had to live out of a backpack (or something similar) for longer than a few weeks (I've done this BTW), I would have a hard time keeping my sanity. I'm the type that needs a home, a place to feel secure, a place to settle my body & mind, cook a meal, sleep ina bed. Even nomads had tents to set up every night or stay for a season. I guess that what has to come of this idea for me is that abundance will need to be defined by each person and its definition only begins AFTER basic needs are met.
Thursday 1 September 2016, 14:32:05
It's not a thought experiment. It's real and it works. Many do not have homes or the wherewithal to pull a working system together. But thanks for the comments.
Thursday 1 September 2016, 15:32:51
Of course, there are folks who have struggles to keep body & soul together. I live in a place where there are folks like that living in campgrounds & in their cars. There are folks who live from one Social Security check to another and struggle to get by on the supplies they get from the food banks. Having the money to put together the things on your list would not be any easier for them to do than fly to the moon. It is a thought experiment if it isn't doable. What is needed here is not a way to live on the minimum requirements but a knowingness that we are creators of our reality and we have the power to create any kind of life we desire. As I see it, teaching that paradigm is more important than any bag of stuff you can give to anyone. As I have been experiencing lately, if one can't get past the survival mode that can take all of one's time and energy, there is no way to get to a point where creating your reality is even possible. That's what feeding the hungry and giving shelter is all a person the space to experience who we really are...creative gods. Once that is realized, manifesting a life of abundance is part of the truth of who and what we truly are.
Thursday 1 September 2016, 15:53:49
SkyDancer, please note that the phrase "critical mininum" was used. This was not meant to replace a solid, fixed home, but be used as a nucleus for one.
Tuesday 6 September 2016, 21:06:26
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