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New feature to deal with the inevitable trolls. If you [...]

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New feature to deal with the inevitable trolls. If you see posts from someone you feel is a troll or someone who's posts you feel are simply irrelevant and distracting, you can choose to block that user. Click the little cog icon next to any post or comment from the user and select "Block this user". Posts and comments from a user who you have blocked will be hidden and you will not receive notifications when that user comments on your posts. We don't need the controversy of banning suspected trolls from the site, but if everyone chooses to block them, they will simply be wasting their time posting and commenting as nobody will see what they post.
u smart fella
Wednesday 9 September 2015, 10:00:47
nice one....... loving your work
Wednesday 9 September 2015, 11:11:41
[deleted user]
Hi Matt, good one on the blocking but in reading down just a bit,
one of the problems is that the user comments which one does like can be hard to find. Perhaps adding a follow user or comment to that menu would be a good idea. Great work so far
Wednesday 9 September 2015, 13:49:01
Mat Dowle
Yes, I'm planning just such a feature. Also planning a "bookmark post" feature where if someone posts something interesting you can bookmark it to easily find it later (to save having to trawl back through the feed to find something you saw posted a few weeks ago).
Wednesday 9 September 2015, 15:44:19
[deleted user]
So would a troll be someone who constantly posts about Linux and nothing else? I'm not blocking anyone because then it becomes The Fragmented Circle Project. I'll be critical of new age religionists but they have as much right as anyone to express their views otherwise we become cliques and divided and the only winners are the SYSTEM! So long as you new age lot can accept my views? ha ha ha ;-)
Wednesday 9 September 2015, 22:30:43
Mat Dowle
In my opinion, someone who has a good knowledge of Linux and other systems that allow us to avoid the snooping and spying of the likes of Microsoft is a valuable asset to any circle. We each have skills to give and even those who we disagree with may provide gems of wisdom at times.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 09:34:01
[deleted user]
The thing is that Linux is based and built upon community unlike our sociological constructs. So a seemingly insignificant move towards Linux is still a step (baby steps) in the right direction.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 14:27:16
nice one Mat, thank you.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 05:51:40
Hey Matt, any chance of you commenting on one of my post's? What about Max? I have not seen him make any posts... boo hoo
Monday 14 September 2015, 14:53:56
Mat Dowle
Hi Stiffwood. I know Max is a very busy man at the moment. I myself have just got back from a long weekend away, so just catching up with all the activity on here. We are planning to get an online Q&A session up an running soon with Max and others online to answer questions.
Monday 14 September 2015, 18:49:10
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