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How about a meet up group for discussions and [...]

Kilkenny, South Australia
via The Full Circle Project
How about a meet up group for discussions and free expression outside mainstream believers ?
Well quite pointless Just another whinge site by the looks Action and Community involvement and coming Together Is more the realness I am into Anyone else feel free to contact as still good perceptions, philosophies and topics but a game-plan ??? Caio'
Sunday 13 September 2015, 03:13:29
I thought on groups getting together and growing fresh produce etc . and pooling these organics and building supplies of fresh and dehydrated , pickled or kept other ways. Also ways to stay vigillent on mandatory laws and injusty laws of the dracos., and their doctorate and how to remain as sovereign as possible
Saturday 19 September 2015, 09:32:26
Hi Belinda, good to see some Aussies getting into it.
Saturday 5 December 2015, 10:10:36
I'm beginning growing a bit of produce. Some parsley, lemons, etc.
Saturday 5 December 2015, 10:11:02
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