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Waddup my people! So I can't get global non-compliance day [...]

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Waddup my people! So I can't get global non-compliance day out of my head ever since I heard about it. I think it would be amazing if we all decided on a day right here and right now for global non-compliance ourselves. WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILDFIRE TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!!! What do you think guys, should we do this? Yes we should and if we do, I suggest we decide on a date right away so we can get the ball rolling ASAP and get the word out. Let's do this guys let's decide on a date for global non-compliance and have it go viral all over The Full-Circle Project, on the internet, and all over every resource we can use to publicize it. Maybe we can even have Max announce it on his radio show. I already heard about such a day being held on the 5th of July 2016. We can either join up with this date or make one of our own. I for one think that the more days of global non-compliance we have, the better. So come on people those of you out there who are reading this, you are reading this for a reason. All of the events in your life have brought you to this point for a reason(hint, hint). A lot of people have been talking about it and waiting for such a day to happen but I have never heard of anyone actually organizing one with a set date in mind, but we can. Max gave us this amazing tool, The Full Circle Project to link all of us up and I believe we should make the most of it before it's too late. We need to take everyone's ideas into consideration. Now of course, I could be wrong about this and global non-compliance might work at all and we may have to try something else but I do believe it's worth a shot at least. What do you think? Please give me your feedback on this and always remember - In Lak'ech my friends!
[deleted user]
We can all grab a blanket and sit on our collective arses and do what? Chant? Sing? Meditate? Knit? When are you people going to listen to reality? The system doesn't care about us and if you think that the psycho police will be nice when you have your "love fest" then you are indeed a sheep!
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:21:42
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