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This is dedicated to all the new age religionists, christians, [...]

Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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This is dedicated to all the new age religionists, christians, pacifists, sheeple, you get the idea.... Go ahead block me and accept your lack of vision! Anarchy is peace. Oi Oi Oi...
[deleted user]
The police i knew as a child were mainly decent people. Yes i know there were scumbags but most were human. Now we have total fucking psychos being allowed into the police (US police and shootings?) and they are programmed to be aggressive. They want you to argue and fight back so they can inflict pain and beat the crap out of you in the cells..Am i the only person on here seeing reality or are you all in new age heaven?
Saturday 12 September 2015, 20:13:58
I doubt anyone here doesn't see that, Spike. Of course you are correct. I Think protesting in the street though is pointless and expected. We need to be really creative if we are going to resolve our situation and possibly the solution to the "police" situation is within the policeforce itself.... or rather those who quit or got fired. As with the military, lets hope. I don't see what I personally can do about a rampant policeforce except to tell those who still have a heart to Wake up.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:05:03
Mark Passio is good at that. Interesting thought.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:06:41
[deleted user]
We are too far into their lie, the system is what it is. I don't know if fighting back will achieve anything but i'd rather be active than a dead sheeple.. In 15 minutes my door gets kicked in.... ha ha ha
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:08:29
Haha, I'm glad you're allright. But remember that there is no point in sacrificing yourself to achieve nothing.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:10:31
[deleted user]
But sitting on ones arse achieves nothing. So being active and not chanting is progress.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:25:18
Please stop projecting things on me, Spike. It's tiresome.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:26:38
[deleted user]
The truth hurts...
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:28:17
Oh dear... good night Spike. Take care.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:32:27
[deleted user]
Why "oh dear"? my views are pragmatic and i take care of myself.
Saturday 12 September 2015, 21:34:16
Their plan here in the U.S.: bring in U.N. troops (many who have already been here training) and draft all the U.S. military overseas in those ongoing wars of nothing so they cannot be here to help the citizens- as they know they have been and are still waking up to what the PTB are doing and are not going to turn on their own people. This IS the military for ya and what we need to keep tabs on.
Sunday 13 September 2015, 23:12:20
Anyone familiar with Drake Baileys claims? What do you t
Monday 14 September 2015, 05:36:00
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