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The recent nationwide elections in Singapore (11th September 2015) [...]

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The recent nationwide elections in Singapore (11th September 2015) have shown that stupidity, apathy and cowardice rule the human mind.

It also proved Max Igan correct yet again that one cannot solve the problem within the same system that is causing it.

At this point there is little recourse but to give up altogether, or find another plan of action.
Don't blame the system, blame the greedy people who manipulate the system. I've found most "systems" to be brilliant inventions- including money. It's like blaming the knife for shedding blood.
Sunday 13 September 2015, 11:46:02
[deleted user]
As stated in my first line, I would blame the masses for allowing in the slavery and believing in the system in the first place through their ignorance and apathy. The resource section on this website is full of Mark Passio's stuff on the fallacy of belief in authority/government. You can see the podcasts on
Sunday 13 September 2015, 11:50:21
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