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I AM at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA participating in [...]

Amherst, Massachusetts
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I AM at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA participating in Session 4 of the Immersion Program for a 5-week intensive on Community Living. My rented room across Baker Rd. from Sirius is in the surrounding Hearthstone Village area of Shutesbury. I'm plugged into the eCricket network hosted by Yahoo! Groups which is a closed group by invitation offering items for sale/exchange in the local western MA area, plus upcoming events, political action, housing for sale or rent (That's how I found the room rental), odd jobs and occasional employment opportunities, announcements of seasonal celebrations, etc. I'm preparing to post my skills set in various categories and put them out there,, so I may begin value exchange in Sirius Community and Hearthstone Village. I illustrate architectural subjects in India ink, tinted by transparent watercolor and gouache. I also make hand-painted wooden signs, draw illustrated maps, etc. Practical skills are handyman carpentry and interior house painting. I also have an interest in working for a used bookstore in the area. As I learn how an intentional community functions I'll have the skills to work in a cooperative environment, such as a food co-op. I hope to network with others of like minds as we move into the New Paradigm...
Sounds pretty cool bro good business strategy
Monday 14 September 2015, 05:05:19
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