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I have had a mortgage for just over 20 years [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
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I have had a mortgage for just over 20 years and the payment always came out every two weeks on my payday (Thursday) without a hitch. Just over a year ago the bank changed the payment date (without my knowledge or permission) to two days earlier and started charging me a NSF charge of $45 every two weeks, because obviously the payment could not be there two days earlier than my payday. I contacted the bank dozens of times over this issue and each time the bank refused to return the NSF money and refused to put the payment due date back to the original agreed upon day. I knew the bank was illegally charging me this fee but was getting nowhere with them in trying to resolve it. Here in Canada there is a independent banking Ombudsman who will argue for you, so I looked it up on Google a couple weeks ago but had not yet contacted the Ombudsman. Last week I checked my bank account online and low and behold all the NSF fees had been returned and the online statement showed no indication at all that there had ever been any NSF charges or their return. I never signed up for the banks paperless system so I have all the monthly paper statements indicating the illegal NSF fees charged. I contacted the bank to ask what happened and also asked why the online statement did not mirror the paper statements, the person said they would look into it and get back to me....I am still waiting for a explanation.

It is now obvious to me that my internet is being monitored by someone, since I never did anything but Google "Canadian banking ombudsman" and am now wondering if they will attempt to retrieve the paper copies by some means (I now have them hidden away at a safe location). I can't help but wonder how many other people the bank is doing this to, and how much money the banks are making from this scheme.
Banks are pure evil, they seem to be able to tax for every little thing. Every government somehow was brought to believe that banks should be bailed out after they dug their own hole by spending peoples money on beach houses and art (it happened in Portugal). The government bails them out, and they don't even pay the people!
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 18:52:43
Everyones internet is being "monitored" in some way. Do you have ads? Do you use a smartphone? Anti-virus software doesn't help much.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 18:52:49
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