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Just watched "Grey State" and have a few observations to [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
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Just watched "Grey State" and have a few observations to make. The main observation is that the film is complete in its understanding of reality. To Explain:- Time and time again it attacks the benefit scroungers without questioning the the foundation for welfare. Now, I personally do not take anything from the State as I will not give them anything either so in my mind we are neither in debt. The main problem for the millions who do accept welfare is that they either work in a completely crap underpaid job or do not work at all. What is the best? For many the thought is why work for nothing and it is a valid thought! Gurdjieff mad a great point and that is if you take a job take one that pays lots for little time and then you will have time for the important things in life! such as self development. As the digital age progresses all jobs will be taken out of the human domain so we will all be on welfare or accept euthanasia and that is a foreseeable fact! We are being made obsolete so while we attack each other for meaningless things the State push us towards an inevitable catastrophe. Oh, and another thing, The amount paid by the people through direct taxation for welfare pales into insignificance when one looks at the amounts that are funneled into war and controlling us so what is the real problem? The "Grey State" creators needed to open their eyes a little wider in my view but even though i have criticisms I take my hat off to the guys who made the film and wish them every success!
Humans obsolete? Not possible, this is our creation. We are continually being bombarded by dis-empowering presumptions, but it doesn't change that we are IT. Look up Cesta Que Trust, we are already all covered for most necessities and welfare is a STATE con, as are all taxes. which go to the war machine, to keep us all in a state of perpetual fear, and in the greedy ones pockets. The best response, to my mind, is for us each to remember our divinity and act accordingly.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 10:48:13
A bad job is no way to live. A bad job is something you don't like doing. Almost everyone in developed countries has the oportunity to study and learn. A normal person would choose an area they love, so they can work and progress without much burden. If you love doing something, chances are you'll improve over time and even make a change for others. That's self development too.
Tuesday 15 September 2015, 17:23:43
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