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Finally Saturn crawls out of the Scorpions Lair, where He [...]

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Finally Saturn crawls out of the Scorpions Lair, where He was bending His Karma Laws around the Dark Seeds, and heads for Sagittarius. Like entering into the darkest parts of Our Souls, it was a good time to learn how to Shield and Protect Yourselves. But that Time is over. Now You must Aim for the Shadow, as it will be dragged out of Its Lair by Saturns work. In this Time Shielding and Protecting will be percieved as running. Of course there are Worlds within Worlds and different Levels within Levels, so if You feel that You need to, run for Your Refugee. But remember that You've done this to refill Your Batteries and returning to the Battlefield, not for staiyng in the Safe Zone forever, as the Demons are growing fastest under the Carpet. It's Time for being Your own Heroes, Dear Ones. Fight the Shadow with Grace! BEFRIEND IT, and beware of harming Others while doing so.
REMEMBER: "One does not come to Enlightenment by imaging Figures of Light, but by making Darkness Conscious" C. G. Jung
my dear astrological man
Thursday 17 September 2015, 17:36:29
My Pleasure Kind Heart It's sooo Good to Feel Useful :)
Thursday 17 September 2015, 18:42:46
i was born when behind the moon was sagittarius. so i shooting my arrows all around. and riding my aries beneath me. but also riding all thous endless stars behind sagittarius and behind them and behind them and behind them..........and in that mode in eternety. maybe that so because all thous stars are ME. maybe. we will find out my dear 108
Thursday 17 September 2015, 18:52:09
Sure We Will, Kind Heart, cuz without Us, One is not Complete. It was Our Will to come so far this Way, and now, the Source is pulling Us back to ItSelf. We are Seeds, and our Roots become so Strong, so that the pulling Energy could not pull Us out, but to stretch Us all across the Sky. We are the Rainbow Bridge thats blending Here and There; Now with Then... with Forever. And what's most Beautiful, Us is Everybody It turns out, that every slippery slope We went through, was not to keep Us down, but to make Us Jump. Like This…
Thursday 17 September 2015, 19:21:05
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