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This is a presentation of Oct. 5th 2015 by Cindy [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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This is a presentation of Oct. 5th 2015 by Cindy Kay Currier. It's an excellent summary of what's played out, in this time we're living, the change in how we experience time different. Alternative and mainstream media know what being at war with words means.

She dwells on the process, the transforming forces may have on us, for better or for worse. Psychological challenges for those waking up in a shock, more or less.

The Event is called by different names, such as "global reset" or "The great shift" etc.
Cindy is sharing a view that is slightly different from Cobra's view. She reflects on the positive military people, the scalar technology that goes under different names as well.

We're controlled to an extent that we allow these forces to control us. It's where our free will reigns too, it's a universally protected law and condition for life evolving.

We're always given a choice, by being in touch with our divine spirit, our awakened conscience of moral codes and truths, to be either held in submission, by succumbing to fear, or to stand up with an inner sword of truth, as sovereign citizens of One Earth.

Be prepared, that's the key, hence the name of this site, how far the consequences reach of it will be unknown to a certain extent. It's where we have to place one foot in front of the other and create our path. Stand up from the stone you've been sitting on, thinking it all through. That doesn't work. Be an activist, move. Go..go..go....…
Молодец!) Хорошего движения в духовном Пути))
Tuesday 11 October 2016, 12:04:54
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