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Just give this a watch regarding Hemp it will blow [...]

Preston, Lancashire
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Just give this a watch regarding Hemp it will blow your mind (sorry told not to make jokes about Hemp- nudge- nudge- wink -wink) It is a truly amazing product I want a field of it.
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Tony Budden | TEDxCapeTown talking about his work with hemp…
Tuesday 11 October 2016, 20:18:00
hemp for victory!
Tuesday 11 October 2016, 22:31:14
Dear Folks.. really appreciating your help on this one.... can you help even further by putting posts under the 'HEMP' topic so that they are easily found and/or emailing me the link so I can file it in data base for the Hempanize project. Thanks MUCHO and more details to come on soon, including a talk with the man who is launching the global/local initiative.
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 00:48:27
been away for a bit and trying to figure this topic system out- looks pretty cool and a good way to organize the database..

i can't find a hemp topic tho.. only relative is cannabis oil.. just suggested hemp for a new topic under natural law.. i read your request from a week or so ago & i like your take on this matter.. i showed you that video i made dubbing max igan & rick simpson over some jazzy beats i think.. i'll dig up all my references from the entire "documusical" i made.. been a pro-hemper for over 15 years! even did a research paper on it in economics class for the college kids back in the days if i can find that paper, that'll be funny
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 07:44:42
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