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Hi Guy,s/Girls I keep getting reminders from my local GP/Health Centre [...]

Peterborough, Peterborough
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Hi Guy,s/Girls
I keep getting reminders from my local GP/Health Centre that a can just turn up for what they describe as an open clinic to get free Flu-Shots.
They are really pushing this, I have been receiving text messages for the past 6 weeks, 1 a week on average telling me that I have no need to book an appointment and that I should just turn up between certain times.
I don't know how it works with everyone else,s GP,S or Health Centres but if I want to see a doctor then I usually have to wait around 10/14 days.
My alarm bells have started to ring so I thought I would just put this
out here and see what response I get from others in different area,s
I am in Peterborough so please feel free to comment and maybe we can get a bigger picture, may all your problems be little one,s
Sorry I forgot to add that those so called flu-shots could be the adult version of vaccines. It make,s perfect sense to me to hide the word vaccine and use the word Flu-Shot instead. I don't believe that everyone in those GP surgeries or health centres know what is going on so we should not have ill feelings towards the staff there and don't be afraid to talk with and mention your concerns to the staff, talk civilly and politely and openly. Those gate keepers you know as receptionists have families and responsibilities just like us
Friday 14 October 2016, 10:54:22
Mat Dowle
I just got this email from my daughters school (in Sussex):

"The NHS Immunisation team are coming to [school name] on 4th November to carry out flu immunisations for Years One and Two. ... The East Sussex Immunisation Team are coming into school after half term to undertake the childhood flu immunisations. If you have not already done so please complete the online consent form by using the following link [link]."
Friday 14 October 2016, 13:20:37
Thanks Mat lets hope we can hear from others and look at the pattern. Maybe they could be using just a few hand picked immunisation teams around the country. If anyone comes across anything like Mat has mentioned then please comment, if there is a pattern then we could put it together easier if we had places and dates
Friday 14 October 2016, 13:40:42
Mat I just though of something, what age groups are years 1 and 2 ? if they where going to give immunisations at schools then it would make sense to do the full school
Friday 14 October 2016, 14:10:21
Mat Dowle
It's an infant school (only up to year two which is around age 6) so it is effectivly the whole school. I will wait to see if I get similar from my son's junior school.
Friday 14 October 2016, 14:24:14
[deleted user]
It's the same in my local village. All elderly or thoose with asthma etc get invited to go to surgery at set time. Last year people were queueing round the block to get there jab. It's also being offered in some work places too.
Saturday 15 October 2016, 19:22:02
It would be great if we could find out whats in those so called flu jabs Carla
Saturday 15 October 2016, 19:26:33
Hi Billy et all.... I'm coming across some info that there may be hormone blockers in these latest vaccines, but i don't have hard facts yet so don't want to unduly spook anyone. I do think its important enough to mention here at this stage however, as something to consider/research; the Transgender Agenda is a sneaky, sleazy and very disturbing 'trend', is it not? Hormone blockers, then cross-gender hormones lead to greater gender 'confusion' and sterility. These hormones could therefore be seen as the first step in medical transitioning. Nice... more for the 'Child Abuse' section?
Saturday 15 October 2016, 20:16:29
Kat McNamara
All the GMOs soy in food, birth control hormones in the water, transgender all over every type of wonder people are "mixed-up"
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 01:19:52
[deleted user]
Agree kat
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 01:30:12
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