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I'm curious why folks have joined and dropped out? I [...]

Port Henry, New York
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I'm curious why folks have joined and dropped out? I went to the "connect" and by changing to active users the numbers go down shockingly. The North America #s goes from All user-2129 to Active 1 month-253 to Active 1 week-92. UK #s are 700/335/129. This can only work if we share and communicate, so feedback is appreciated.
Mat Dowle
Just to clarify, "active users" are users who have actually logged in in the last month (or week). So they haven't necessarily "dropped out" but rather just haven't bothered logging in recently. But yes, you are right, people need to PARTICIPATE, not just sign up and then forget about it.
Monday 21 September 2015, 11:10:20
Thanks Mat. I was going on that I only visit this site and Zen's, so I didn't realize it's 'normal' to join and not participate. Really? So many unhappy non-participants as all that? Even on this site with it's most obvious spiritual sway? Anyway for me to set my default for Connect to Active 1 week? Love to all, doers and non-doers alike, as long as the heart is true all else is transitory.
Monday 21 September 2015, 12:03:06
i see amanda that that pump between your chests is pumping blood to all of us here. even to thous who dropped. it doesnt mater amanda. numbers are like everything else fiction. what maters is.....................that you see. that you understand. and everything else will come from doesnt mater. same with people which dont wanna meet. its not important at all. amanda.......................when you know that you are all that you see and dont see.................then dont need anything at all. you start to play with different energy. but you are..........just fine being. every one here are
Monday 21 September 2015, 17:08:11
"The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance." Leonardo da Vinci
Monday 21 September 2015, 17:45:08
you have to learn about yourself doug. that is what we all have to do my friend. and quotes like this from man who knew it that we are part of production facility of reality are just silly. and you most likely haven read a word from da vinci manu carta. have you my friend? but you saw this quote somewhere on internet and you are posting it what ever you want. and if you read it you will understand that da vinci was supreme joker and loved misfortune. because he knew it that from misfortune you learn the most. and that puts that quote to complete different seeing
Monday 21 September 2015, 17:57:01
nassim haramein doug. that is what you have to watch and hear. and not just on you tube. but you should go and read some of his publications my friend. but you know what is the problem with people..................and i agree wit passio on that thing...................we are all lazy. we are. no one can stop any of us to have such a attitude. but with that attitude you will remain where you are doug. and each of us have to see what he wants.
Monday 21 September 2015, 18:03:21
It's still not too clear to me what it is to "participate" around here. Maybe there's not enough people in my country? I just see people typing things into the feed.
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 00:34:28
Participate- to be aware that I am a part of all things, as they are of me. To love that which we all share, and create as purely as possible. To deny all manifestations that impede my ability to love or create. Every day. With or without others. I share what I DO here so others may know what is being done, at least by one Being, in proclaiming the true freedom we all already have. I also receive and absorb the wisdom of others who choose to "participate". Well that's my definition anyway. The Gida calls Inertia the only true sin...
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 11:13:34
o my god amanda.............. you are on. the party can start. lets dance
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 16:48:36
nice definition! not sure about that last part.
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 23:21:46
Yes, let's

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 10:09:32
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