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Looking for someone in my area with whom to discuss [...]

Whiting, Indiana
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Looking for someone in my area with whom to discuss geoengineering remedies.
Good luck! Do you personally have any suggestions?
Monday 21 September 2015, 19:24:45
remedies at an individual level can be anything from cleaning yourself with the right foods(organic-vegan), drinking water with enough O2 in it and to get enough magnesium. Magnesium can be gained trough eating avocadoes, beans, nuts and seeds, and will eliminate the aluminium from the chemtrails at an molecular level
Monday 21 September 2015, 20:36:11
Yes. Good, but outside the boundaries of our bodies? Can we heal nature the way we heal our own bodies? I have a few vague ideas.
Monday 21 September 2015, 21:22:58
'Geoengineering' is a pretty specific subject. When you answer the OP's post with new-age nonsense that has nothing to do with what she's trying to express, it's disrespectful.
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 21:25:40
Typical. I meant can we find remedies for nature as we can with our bodies? We can Clean out aluminum with magnesium, apparently. Can we Clean up the biosphere from aluminum and these most peculiar nano particles somehow. Can we work with it on a frequency level? Haarp-like Technologies seems to be used in unison with chemtrailing in order to alter the biosphere, human behavious and create earthquakes ect. Our bodies are receiviers but also emittors och electromagnetic magnetic fields, energy or whatever Word you find the most appropriate. I'm bing vague because I dont know exactly where I'm going with this but it's in this direction:…
Thursday 24 September 2015, 16:53:08
Thank you for prompting me to clarify. No offence taken but at this stage I don't have a specific answer even though I ponder this alot myself. That wont stop me from discussing it though since its through discussion that I'm hoping to find an answer Also if the random capitalisation annoys you, thats the script, not me.
Thursday 24 September 2015, 16:56:14
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