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Hi everyone! I would like to talk to you from [...]

Miami, Florida
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Hi everyone! I would like to talk to you from my heart. And make a request from All!

When I discovered this site, I found a kind of support and understanding that I really had not had anywhere else! I am thankful to be able to express my feeling in a safe place were i do not have to encounter judgment for ideas that might not be shared by others. Instead these different ideas are expressed with Love, patient and respect to each other. Some of us are having harder times than others but we all are trying to cope with our present reality the best we can while we are trying to enlighten the world!

I would really, really appreciate that we all make a conscience resolution to keep our interactions with each other in the vibration of Love at all times! No matter how frustrated on might be. If we can not practice unconditional Love with our Family of Light, how can we expect to make a change out there!

Thank you for listening!
Agreed. Namaste.
Saturday 15 October 2016, 21:12:50
I also feel this way. Let's encourage everyone towards understanding and kindness.
Saturday 15 October 2016, 23:51:52
[deleted user]
absolutely, thank you heart for bringing it up
Sunday 16 October 2016, 20:52:15
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