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Hi I'm Ben and I'm in south eastern Melbourne [...]

Dandenong South, Victoria
via The Freedom Cell Network
Hi I'm Ben and I'm in south eastern Melbourne in Australia.

It was a Corbett report video that lead me here. The idea of creating the alternative to outgrow tptb is what really captured me.

I'm good with open source computing and drones, and I have experience with marketing, writing, training and customer service.

We should do this, people. If we don't, then who will?
[deleted user]
Hi, Ben. I'm keen to get started. I'm a decent writer and want to become more active when I have the time between semesters. Let me know if you want to get something started. I'd love to do an Australian version of The Fifth Column News.
Saturday 29 April 2017, 00:56:12
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