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How many Plumbers does your town have? Do you believe [...]

Newport, Rhode Island
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How many Plumbers does your town have? Do you believe every Plumber in your town is working 40 hours a week? Most likely not. We only need so many Plumbers to handle our plumbing needs.

How many Electricians does your town have? Do you believe every Electrician in your town is working 40 hours a week? Most likely not. We only need so many Electricians to handle our electrical needs.

How many Hair Stylists/Barbers does your town have? Do you believe every Hair Stylist/Barber in your town is cutting hair 40 hours a week? Most likely not. We only need so many Hair Stylists/Barbers to handle our hair care needs.

How many Carpenters does your town have? Do you believe every Carpenter in your town is doing carpentry 40 hours a week? Most likely not. We only need so many Carpenters to handle our carpentry needs.

We could ask this about EVERY profession/business. We only need a small amount of people to handle the actual work we need done. Yet people will say to unemployed people just go back to school and learn a new trade/skill to get a job. Seriously?

With technology we will need even less people working, soon there could be 90% unemployment. This is actually a good thing. People are not here to have "jobs", people are here to LIVE, just like every other living being.

If the average work week is now 40 hours, we could easily bring that number down to 4 hours a week each by working TOGETHER and SHARING in the work we actually NEED done for a great life for EVERYONE. There could be plenty of time for everyone to enjoy life, maybe you work two 8 hour shifts in 2 days and take the rest of the month off. Travel, play sports, learn how to do something you always wanted to but did not have the time for, eat the healthiest foods, enjoy time with your family and friends... all without any financial costs.

The current fake fraud lie scam con job free range SLAVE control money system we live in was/is forced upon our ancestors/us. We NEVER needed money as long as we work(ed) TOGETHER and SHARE(D).

This is the MINDSET change Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project talks about. From ME ME ME to WE WE WE. That's all it takes, a SIMPLE mindset change, and we are all FREE from financial SLAVERY. Once YOU have this MINDSET change, start working TOGETHER and SHARING with others that have the same mindset.

Making the transition to a money/currency free Ubuntu Contributionism world is so SIMPLE, WE just need to DO the simple things to achieve it. Start by spending as LITTLE money as possible while working TOGETHER and SHARING, then follow the other ideas in this post, where it says Hybrid think Ubuntu:…

Let's DO it and get to the FREE Ubuntu Contributionism world we all SAY we WANT.
Michael E. V. Knight
These are good questions to ask people to lead into talking about Ubuntu Contributionism
Sunday 16 October 2016, 16:48:24
I don't think working and earning money is the issue, it's all about what you spend that money on! what you are sponsoring...
If i right know could earn a real good salary, with this mindset that i have i would flow that money in the right direction and inspire others to do so...until we have fulled the engine enough so that it can run by it self. If we all stop working and no one of us have money to get projects started it's gonna take a bit longer then if we have something to start with. No job and no money is a great future to move towards.
Monday 21 November 2016, 13:34:06
Michael E. V. Knight
During the transition Ubuntu Contributionism communities/towns still make and use money, but the people only help out 3 hours a week each and get a share of the profits from the products/services sold/rented to non members. Another share of the profits goes to expanding local Ubuntu Community projects. Another share of the profits goes to helping other Ubuntu Communities/towns get going.

Please watch all the videos here to hear what Michael Tellinger has to say
Monday 21 November 2016, 14:44:31
I know about this and i don't disagree, i have seen all of the videos and read about the contributionsim, i totally agree with Ubuntu movement and the plan of action, i'm sorry if i wasn't clear anoutgh. What i mean is related to how we are living to day in the begining phase of starting projects to create Ubuntu communities. For example Michael T/Ubuntu party south africa was in big need of sponsors and donations during their campaign period for the election 2016. If non of us ubuntu members had jobs and money we couln't support and donate to get things moving....
Monday 21 November 2016, 23:08:48
Michael E. V. Knight
Amazing how hard the money system makes it for us to get off of money.

Tuesday 22 November 2016, 15:24:07
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