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Does anyone have a good explanation for the exploding premiums [...]

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Does anyone have a good explanation for the exploding premiums on silver? As far as I know (according to the Illuminati silver Youtube Channel) the Perth Mint reported no shortage of physical when they were asked by the people running the channel (no idea if it can be trusted, maybe it's a psy-op) I am buying VAT free, but with a premium between 25-35%, what's the point???
Try to imagine a world without money of any sort. Check out the works of Michael Tellinger & UBUNTU
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 22:03:41
Pls, don't spam with info irrelevant to the question.
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 13:17:24
See Martin Armstrong and the film The Forecaster Facebook ~ hes collated data from 6000yrs from gold to climate to history to empires ~ and he's noticed that the cycles are in 8.6yrs and multiples of 8.6yrs. Which is pi. So the gold/silver sellers have been saying the dollar is going to fall however its the Government Bonds are teetering as govts will not pay the debts so capital is seeking somewhere to park (Stocks, shares, property, art, gold, silver, etc). Martin Armstrong is in awe if the accuracy of the pi cycles e.g. a major cycle was 2015.75 (>1st oct 2015) and he posted the date years ago as a turning point. AS the date passed Putin started bombing ISIS. These pi cycles are showing flight to quality investments but not what masses think. He posts to his blog several times a day with fascinating historical and current events and relates to the cycles. He's not buying precious metals. He's anti-corruption (US govt threw him in jail cos he wouldn't give up his software with 6000yrs date and pi cycles so spent many years in jail in
solitary confinement).
Sunday 27 December 2015, 22:35:44
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