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Hi, this is Free Trader Anarchist, Jack Carney (EveryManJack), currently [...]

Providencia, Región Metropolitana
via The Freedom Cell Network
Hi, this is Free Trader Anarchist, Jack Carney (EveryManJack), currently in Santiago, Chile. I am introducing myself and my philosophy of Responsible Freedom to you because I will be moving to live permanently in “New ZealLand” (Auckland) from the end of this November 2016 and I want to be part of an Anarchist-Libertarian community found there or co-created by myself and others.

I will be bringing you 30+ years of being a zealous Libertarian with 10 of those as an even more zealous Anarchist. Yes, it took me that long! But it will be quicker for you if I can reason you emotionally into the truth of reality. I have a huge digital collection of books, articles, audios-videos on the Love of Liberty and the Liberty of Love—as well as many links to Liberty online sources such as the Mises Institute, Liberty International, the Foundation for Economic Education, the Liberty Fund,, Ron Paul, Tom Woods,

It is my intention to join or co-create a new Anarchist-Libertarian bricks and mortar Community of Free Friends in New ZealLand, probably to start in Auckland where I will be landing. I want this to end up being a Cohousing Community of Care where Free Friends live together who understand the zealful advantage of living according to the four Values/Virtues of Freedom:
1. No initiated physical force or threat thereof permitted or sanctioned
2. Private property
3. Free trade
4. Contractual obligation
Here is perhaps the one best short video to explain my position as an Anarchist from Liberty International (formerly the International Society for Individual Liberty), The Philosophy of Liberty

Along with my Community of Free Friends, I would like to start up a Freedom Home School for all ages that combines the Montessori method with Choice Theory and Parent Effectiveness Training.

Go here for a brief introduction to me regarding the Cohousing project: and here for my work as a Coach of Self-Actualization:

Here is my Facebook group for the Love of Liberty and Free Friends:…
And here is my Facebook group for understanding yourself via Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model as a Mountain of Life to be climbed to the 5th Level Peak of Self-Actualization:…

Finally, here is my personal website where you will find much on the Love of Liberty and the Liberty of Love:

Contact details, feel free to catch me anytime you can. I invite all enquiries!

Jack Carney “You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be.”
Email: [email protected]
Skype: jack.carney
Cell in Santiago, Chile: +56 9 4929 6499
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