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The Mandela effect.. So I'd been hearing of this for [...]

Mountain View, California
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The Mandela effect.. So I'd been hearing of this for awhile but was never personally effected from any false, contradictory memory, so didn't put much stock into it. Until today.... I just read that Chuck Berry, at age 90, is releasing a new album. Now I for sure thought he died in the late 80's, or years and years ago at the very least? So is it just me, or is anybody else finding this news of him releasing a new album, let alone still being 'alive' a little puzzling? Sorry for the humble reality check here... forgive? : |
I understand. I recall hearing or seeing in a few places, perhaps even a news stand that chuck berry had passed and chubby checker as well. It seems that on this timeline they are both alive? I know I personally have tranversed realities but it is becoming more physical.
Wednesday 19 October 2016, 13:26:08
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