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I have been thinking about a way to awaken a [...]

Saint Charles, Missouri
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I have been thinking about a way to awaken a huge mass of people in very short order and I would like to run my idea past everyone. I do not believe that it would be possible to awaken the masses in any traditional fashion because our voice is just not there yet. What we need to do is awaken the people or entities that do have more influence over the common man. In my mind, that would be the media. By media, I mean television news stations, magazines and periodicals, and radio journalists. Although we know all forms of media and controlled in their presentations of what they can and cannot pawn off as news, I still think the huge masses of these individuals are good people. They just don’t know what kind of real debauchery is going on out there. My plan involves several, carefully calculated steps. First we need to have a way to vote among our members and find out what specific area of global concern we want to collectively address. Let’s just say of the sake of argument it is chemtrails. Second, we produce a standard template letter, approximately one page in length, which overviews and proves beyond all reasonable doubt, what the real dangers of chemtrails are to humanity and this planet. The letter could include hyperlinks to reputable websites or other supporting evidence. Third we produce a petition that includes as many signatures as we can muster. Forth we assemble a spreadsheet that contains global contact details for as many as 500 major newspaper, news stations, or periodicals. Last, and this is very important, these 500-plus letters need to be mailed on the very same day from every city and country where we have participation. What this will do is cause a mass flurry of communication between the news services. This is because they are an interwoven network that communicates with each other far more than we realize. I doubt anything like this has ever been done on this scale before. All we need to do is reach a few like-minded people that are in positions of power. Some have the ability to call the shots on the daily programming. Think of the millions of people worldwide that could be recipients of this new found knowledge. The key is that it is done the same day and not letters sent out independently over weeks or months, which would cause the timings to be their own demise. We need shock value, which will prove to the powers that were, that we are a force to be reckoned with.
Allright. Sounds good. We need orgnanisation and I really wish we could do things like this. Do yu want each FCP- member to send 500 letters though? Paper letters? Or did I get something wrong?
Thursday 24 September 2015, 23:46:57
Mark R
I think we need to have this site enhanced to where it has voting buttons, so that we can decide about the topics of interest. Next, we need to be able to draft and share Word docs and PDFs, etc. my 500 mailings - which is an arbitrary number by the way - was meant to be divided among all of us participating. Thus, it my be ten mailings each, multiplied by 50.
Friday 25 September 2015, 00:08:18
ok,, and yes we do need voting buttons.
Friday 25 September 2015, 00:09:47
Hi Mark, whilst i fully understand your suggestion, it falls into the bracket for me of 'trying to change the system'. Media outlets ( mainstream ) are so controlled, owned by a very few corporations, all with agenda's, and even when situations are occurring in full site, they will not report on it if it goes against their agenda. An example recently is 1 million people out in the streets in Catalonia a few weeks ago marching for independence. This was not covered in MSM because it goes against their agenda. News outlets knew fair well about the march. Good people inside these organisations new about it but were probably powerless to write about it. So to follow the idea of getting the information to these organisations will result in the news appearing i think will be futile. I prefer to forget wasting energy fighting or changing the system just put your energy into 'building the new one'. All of these old media forms ( TV, newspapers ) are dying a slow painful death. I think its more beneficial to ignore them. Dont watch TV news, dont buy mainstream newspapers or view them online to support their advertising revenues, but support independent media that talks about these topics ( donate to these to support them ) . Put your friends onto podcasts, youtube channels, websites that discuss these topics , and build these up rather than wasting energy on the old and corrupt. Just my opinion :)
Friday 25 September 2015, 07:25:17
Mat Dowle
The "voting buttons" you are talking about are already under development. I need a bit more time to work on it but I should have some kind of voting system sorted soon.
Friday 25 September 2015, 10:31:53
Are you hearing about this on mainstream media in your area?…
Friday 23 October 2015, 13:51:04
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