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For those of you who participate in the Weekly [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
via Prepare For Change
For those of you who participate in the Weekly Ascension Meditation, will you please consider using the new Meditation Synchronization Tool. It's easy to use and I think it will greatly help us achieve our goals of Ascension and the Event.
Just click on the icon at the top of the screen and check it out.
[deleted user]
Yes, thank you edward, I agree with you very much.
Friday 21 October 2016, 09:06:46
Thanks Pastinakel, this new meditation tool could really help us. A lot of us have been seeking a means to be able to quantify how our Global Meditation is impacting the planet and improving our lives. By observing if there are any positive global events, or Disclosure following our meditation and connecting this to the number of Lightworkers/warriors synchronized, we could begin to show the relationship between the two. As any of us notice any kind of positive result, we collapse the wave function making those positive results permanent. Every noticeable positive outcome will also attract more of us to want to participate in what Cobra has called the most single important thing that the surface population can do- The Weekly Event Meditation, now known as The Weekly Ascension Meditation.
Saturday 22 October 2016, 20:36:17
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