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Hi Everybody! I wanted to share a knowing that [...]

Miami, Florida
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Hi Everybody! I wanted to share a knowing that came to me recently. I was showed and allowed to feel how a world that holds the Love frequency feels like! During this experience i felt the immense love existing all around me and came to the realization that under this immense love any type of negative energy will no be able to be sustain. a negative thought that started entering in my mind was just dissolved and replaced with a bliss of love so overflowing and magnificent! Difficult to put in words so much awesomeness!!!!!. This followed up by the explanation that Evolution means to reach this Level of frequency vibrations. Ultimately following Natural Law reaching Love frequencies is the ultimate achivement in of the soul as part of our evolution that all beings are heading for, Unconditional Love!
So as i see it now, after this revelation, everyone needs to increase their frequencies to the Love frequency. That way our world will not be able to sustain any negativity whatsoever any longer and we all finally be able to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.
Thank you for sharing Yes that is an awesome feeling.. if you are not already in a Lightworker group.. then I suggest that you look up and check it out .. it amplified when you are more ppl
Sunday 23 October 2016, 17:26:04
[deleted user]
yes this is how I "saw" it too heart and thank you so much for sharing, these experiences are so valid and important to be shared cause I strongly believe these visions are meant to be shared.. love to you heart
Sunday 23 October 2016, 20:48:24
happy to hear you're on the vibe! thanks for sharing- i know what you mean despite being limited by words
Monday 24 October 2016, 13:13:46
I am sorry if my explanation of the event was not up to par to some. To tell you the truth i hesitated to post it because unfortunately i had encounter judges in this family. Nevertheless my wish to serve is greater than any criticism. No everyone has an English mayor. Sometimes the words can not describe the immensity of the experience or difficult to put into words!. I am thankful to those than can see beyond trivialities and benefit from the experience. Much Love!
Monday 24 October 2016, 15:29:50
haha, there there heart, no need to apologize.. i think you misinterpreted what i meant.. indeed we are all limited by spoken verbal language to describe our ineffable human experiences within and beyond this earthly realm- which is how i thought you would interpret it, not take it personally.. i was making a play on words from your phrase "difficult to put in words".. was that the triviality you're referring to? just seeking clarity without my ego involved.. i appreciate the truth whole 'heart'ily & always had nuth'n but love for ya anyway
Monday 24 October 2016, 16:12:46
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