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This is an audio book. It's the book "Walden" by [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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This is an audio book. It's the book "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau, a man who lived at the start of 19th century. The book is published in 1854 and offers an insight in a spirit of a man, who managed to stay out of the matrix for a large part of his being. An original thinker with a deep connection to the natural world. It's one of my golden books, yesterday I've found it in a bookfair in Cornwall. It reminded me of the fact that it's available as audiobook and now you can have a chance to hear it being read to you.
It's a great read, Thoreau is a skilled writer and a man with high moral standards.…
cool- thanx for the share! interesting that u saw it at a bookfair unexpectedly like that
Monday 24 October 2016, 15:03:51
[deleted user]
That's okay, yes AyM, even more so was the interesting conversation with the bookseller. She and I had an immediate understanding. Cornwall people in general are refreshingly open and direct.
What you see is what you get. Pretty rough at times too, for there's much more poverty in this part of the UK.
Monday 24 October 2016, 16:13:15
glad you made a direct connection her..
must've been quite an experience over there- too bad for the poverty.. i seem to highly underestimate how impoverished people in the UK are!
do they make walls out of corn in that area btw?
Monday 24 October 2016, 16:20:04
[deleted user]
It's hard to understand how poverty shows up here in the UK, AyM. Although it's more visible than ever, since the almost 20 years of holidays on this island. I'm told that the UK economy is in decline fast, since the last 5 years. Also the gap between rich and poor widens fast. The UK government is made of wax, bending and giving in with all the demands, fussiness and nagging of the most wealthy. Speed bumps on the main road through the village? "Oh no, that hurts my back, no way I'm driving my car over these things" complains the excentric 90 year old crow, in her mansion, living alone in luxury with servants and a gardener. Who's sponsoring the Town Hall? "Oh, it's that crow in her mansion". "Oops, we shouldn't offend her, no, let's pamper her as long as she's alive". With her money :)

Hair, nails and make up, plus drinks in the pub. A fortune is spent on those. And icing on sponge cake, all glitter and bling bling with an appalling bad taste. Says the spoiled artist Healthy food? Proper clothing, footwear, heating and maintenance of the home? Uhhmmmm, no, don't think so!. I'm often wondering what happened to the British brains of people in the Highstreets, on Saturdays. Sleepwalking, that's how it looks like often. Many poor families are obese. Officially, one on five British residents lives on the breadline. Paracetamol and anti-depressiva are swallowed as if they're sweets. In between many sweets and snacks.

Before I left Holland on the 30th of June 2015, I had no clear view on the state of Britain's economy, as I found out. Many are without work and domestic violence is growing fast this year. Plus a rising amount of children running away from home. And now many hold their breath, after Brexit, so unexpected, afraid for the future. But don't get depressed, it's not all gloom and doom.

I'm part of several lively clubs, active with folk dancing, crafting and walking, sharing weekly lunches too. Working to collect money for charities that we're in touch with, knowing the people who receive that money. That's rewarding and a joyful activity, sharing our stories and cheering each other when the going gets tough.

The British humour is priceless, for although it seems they're often sleepwalking, in their sense of humour they often show a keen awareness of issues.
But openly admitting a weakness, or discussing a painful subject, or a prickly subject, in company of relative strangers..... uhmmm, ehhmmmm, no!
Holding the cards close, cautious, quirky, eccentric, hardy in surprising ways, warm in surprising almost shy ways, that's how I perceive British folks.

Monday 24 October 2016, 17:54:53
haha, well then! you know those guys much more than me- only been there 2wice.. sounds quite similar to americans, but too british.. yea, the worst food in super markets tends to be the cheapest, hence the obesity- france is on the same path but still pretty far behind per capita.. and all these big-pharma pushed anti-depression pillz, oh how it keeps these poor minds in a negative cycle that's expensive too, when they could've done it all for free by doing the inner work to regain that inner smirk..

glad you're settled into a humbling and fruitful situation !
Monday 24 October 2016, 18:24:59
[deleted user]
I so laugh about what you end your comment with...."that inner smirk" I've got such a vivid and visual mind, that I can see it clearly before me.
Those pharmacists in Spain, which I met in their kingdoms (shops) in 2014, on a holiday, they're so into "I know it all" that they won't find that inner smirk as long as they live.... serve Monsanto. lol
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 22:02:52
haha! cheers.. i know what you mean..
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 23:32:11
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