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I was searching government propaganda and I came across this. [...]

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I was searching government propaganda and I came across this. After watching I would not trust another word that comes out of her mouth. Disgusted. You may ask why.…
[deleted user]
Naomi Wolf is one of the biggest two-faced traitors on Earth, SHUN HER.
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 02:13:12
tony a
I listened to Ms Wolf from the beginning to the end and wondered what she was saying that was wrong. Let's look at it just a little logically. Not everyone is as turned on as many on the site. Naomi Wolf is a really straight jewish woman who has opened her mind a tiny bit and from her establishment conditioned view she has become a little radical. She probably hasn't had the right conversation with the right person that opens her up to a bigger picture (maybe she needs to take a trip or something!) and I'm sure that she's scared to take the plunge but what she is saying helps change the minds of other straight people. So although, say, from my point of view she is as straight as a plank I believe that we need to bring all into the fight and not alienate people if they are not yet as turned on as we would like!
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 05:26:36
The two so called flags is the biggest give away.
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 08:11:43
What a liar and you sir are also a traitor.…
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 16:56:44
[deleted user]
Didn't know she was Jewish, that figures. She's been around for a long time, was very vocal throughout the Bush years, I bought and read her books, mediocre at best, but like so many "liberals", went dead silent when Obama got elected and continued the Neocon agenda. She made a name for herself as a feminist, which is another load of divisive shit, and then positioned herself as one of the mouthpieces of the liberty movement.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 00:51:11
[deleted user]
Just watched the second video, does this retard not understand the importance of symbology, and that everything in government is symbolic? The fairytale bull about Betsy Ross is a lie too, she didn't create our flag, it's the flag of the British East India Company (…). Red, White & Blue are the King's colors.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 01:06:47
Have you ever heard of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation? All judges across all states are an employee of this for profit employer, some info here…
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 18:30:47
[deleted user]
Yep, been at this a long, long time Phill.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 22:28:53
Keep going. I think more people will wake up to this, just hard going to do it.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 22:30:39
[deleted user]
The problem I see with this argument, is that it's arguing a point within what I call the "fairytale narrative". It's like arguing about Santa Klaus, whether he really has a sleigh pulled by reindeer, whether he could really hold all those presents in one tiny sleigh, or whether he could really visit every house in the world on one night. The fact is, Santa Klaus doesn't exist.

As Americans, the relationship we have with our Federal Government, and the mythology we've built up around it, is a legal fairytale. We spend endless lifetimes arguing about the nuances of this, that, or the other thing that allows them to get away with what they do, but never actually looking at the framework that enables the Feds to do what they do. Cognitive dissonance kicks in long before people get that far, it's intellectual immaturity, a fear of looking at the truth, and admitting that you weren't just sold a pack of lies, but that you BOUGHT THEM.
Thursday 27 October 2016, 04:26:48
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