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I find it amazing that whenever you try to ask [...]

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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I find it amazing that whenever you try to ask people what they feel about the possibility of life on other planets that most think that humans are the only intelligent life. Well, if this is intelligence then I think we need to change the definition of the word. Only human arrogance can say that we are the smartest thing out there. The human race can't even get along with itself let alone cope with the introduction of another species. It's no wonder that more advanced civilizations don't reveal themselves. A massive change in the hearts and minds of people on this planet needs to take place before any intelligent beings make themselves known. Would you make yourself known to a civilization with a "I'm going to kill you before you kill me" mentality? I don't think so. I know I wouldn't.
[deleted user]
Yes, exactly, it's very clear what you write. I've heard Dr. Stephen Greer and Alex Collier talking about this friction of frequencies between advanced ET beings and human beings on the bottom of the barrel aka 3D Earth existence.

They both describe an experience, suffering from dis-ease, in these ET beings, as a reaction to the density we collectively tend to live in, with that "fight or flight" reptilian brain of ours.

It's why I believe that we're the ones who need to live up to higher frequencies, matching with theirs, allowing us to meet them. Maybe sort of.... halfway?
Tuesday 25 October 2016, 21:29:59
It would be something incredible if a protocol could be established to help the surface population overcome the massive and various amounts of mind control that is targeting everyone. If the majority of un-awakened people could realize just how much they are being controlled I think this would be a great start. I wonder if any of us here have any techniques or ideas that could be worked upon by all of us as a collective to help this problem?
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 04:01:25
[deleted user]
Wouldn't it be great to wave a magic wand and do away with the veil, edward? I believe strongly that each human soul, on that level of the soul consciousness, has chosen to be here now and live through this change, this awakening. Many people are their personalities, their behaviour, their needs and instincts, they can't see and feel what's hidden behind their inner veil, where the soul resides. Many discover this presence in hardship and pain, or an out of body experience, finding that light.

At the same time, free will must be honoured and we all know, that you can't give a message to someone who's not ready to receive it, when it's related to awareness. The only way, as I perceive it, including all my human emotions and reactions, to be felt inside, striving to not act upon it, is to allow another human being to be just as he or she is with a compassionate heart and honour their path, in freedom both ways. Not by condoning wrong doing at all.

It saves much energy, for there are no strings attached in such a relationship and no risk in waking up sleeping dragons and dogs. Though patience is a lesson for sure, specially now, when we look at the collective slumber of a large part of Earth's population. The bread and circus game in the presidential elections and what's shown to us on tv screens and billboards.

Many people go through the motions of every day life, the treadmill of collective and cultural imprints and a job, earning a living. It's as much a routine for safety as it is survival in anxiety and depression, as it looks like to me at this moment. That's the best way to keep people in submission, I've noticed.

They've lost their will to bring change in their lives, they only try to do more of the same, as in reaching for that one branch, hanging over the fast flowing river, swimming fast, only 2 inches away from holding on to it, meanwhile fighting hard against the flow. A losing battle and disempowerment.

As far as I understand it, each of us living now on planet Earth, needs to pass through that "eye of the needle", which is the doorway through the veil inside, the veil of our own selfmade illusions and beliefs, in survival mode, obscuring the light of the soul. When those who have found the light of their soul, show it to the world, more and more are waking up, following that example.

Maybe there's a critical situation now, with opposing forces near a tipping point almost. We can only work on ourselves, with a lamp of love as standby, for that's where home is, in the heart. And by the way, aren't we assisted and guided by our star family down here and out there? I believe we are.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 09:06:31
Based on my recent experiences, I will insist that we need to raise our frequency to the frequency of love ( 528 Hz)! Coincidentally, Cobra put together 2 videos and one of them is the frequency of love. I have been meditating with the intention to increase Love frequencies all over the planet and everything in an out of our Earth. Once a considerable group of beings has achieve this, i believe it will have an effect similar to the 100 monkeys experiment! And booommm! an explosion of consciousness will awake everyone else! At this point any kind of negativity will not be able to be sustain. I think this is the Event that we all are waiting for! The pulse from the central sun is met with the light coming from the inside of the Earth! Coming from our Hearts All of us together along with Mother Gaia and every living being, animals and plants as one!
Much Love to All as One!
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 14:06:55
[deleted user]
I wholeheartedly agree with that, Heart. I guess what you and I describe here is the same thing put in different words.
We can be an example in our walk and talk, raising our frequency towards breakthrough, or the Big Sneeze, with the desire
to make manifest a world in harmony, beauty and compassion, in embodying our soul without having to struggle with a veil.

There's much in motion at present, as I perceive it. Transformation on many levels is happening, some of us go through the
portal of death, completing the Earth-journey. Others have chosen to live and be part of the change and to be the change.
I also feel that our ancestors are looking over our shoulders, offering gentle nudges of encouragement and love.
Wednesday 26 October 2016, 21:31:09
Deslock Darkstar
In 2016, you're still running into people who think there's no life anywhere else? Wow... I'm happy to report that such encounters are extremely rare for me these days.
Saturday 29 October 2016, 02:40:27
I agree with you all! But I need to add that I had seen these UFO's myself in several occasions. The most memorable was when I actually saw a space ship resting on the side of a mountain. This happen when i was 13-15. It was not scare but i was really in amassed !. For some reason it felt familiar. Still today, to me it is a normal thing to include our Star Brothers in my prayers! Much Love to All!
Saturday 29 October 2016, 17:38:17
[deleted user]
I myself believe in life on and in planet Earth, plus life elsewhere in the Universe, plus the presence of multidimensional levels. It's not hard for me to visualize and sense it, I guess because I'm psychically more open than most, or due to skills which came with the package at my birth. In England I'm experiencing a learning curve, finding a way to come in touch with those that can level with me and are aware of the practice of self-reflection and projections of thoughts or feelings. And able to express and communicate all this.

It's in engaging with many English residents, who have grown accustomed to entering a state of blankness, as soon as they feel they can't relate to something that is discussed or presented. They can't express that reaction by saying "This is completely strange to me, I don't know what to think of it or what to say about it". They rather zoom out, in that typical English offensive elegance, ignoring the present moment and the speaker, changing the subject suddenly or walking away, often doing something that distracts them from feeling awkward and ashamed.

In general UK residents are very sensitive to losing face and admitting that one can't relate to a subject or deal with an experience, is therefore not done. It's what I'm not used to in Holland. We're speaking our mind and the expression of our views and opinion is a lively sparring of to and fro conversation, without shame being in the way, obscuring a mutual understanding. Often, in the UK, what is said by me is heard in a different way, they easily make their own content of my inquiries about something, turning it into an entirely different question. Which creates hilarious conversations with answers that could cause me to zoom out and enter a blank state. It's not my style, I immediately intervene with the fuss and clarify my question. We Dutchies speak frankly.
Monday 31 October 2016, 21:02:38
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