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Hi Folks In addition to being part of the vaccine truth [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
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Hi Folks

In addition to being part of the vaccine truth and awakening movement, as most of you know, I am also a passionate advocate for BIG changes to family law and child support programs in Australia, and in most western countries in general. Too many fathers of already dad-starved children are committing suicide, or ending up on the streets and it is primarily because of the consciously cruel systems in place after divorce or separation that usually favour the mother's rights and financial wellbeing over the fathers.

This cruel nature of family law is not only cruel, but inhumane and it goes against the very sound principle that underpins the entire family law and child support programs, ""best interests of the child is paramount".

Well in my view, it is NOT in the best interests of the child if twenty years down the track they are left wondering where their dad is and why he killed himself. That child will have children of their own one day who will grow up without a grandfather. The current system also does not support men who are struggling financially just to support themselves let alone their kids. There are many reasons for this and many good and loving dads are suffering as a result.

Would you please join me in supporting this new petition that aims to stop the recent censorship of a new film , The Red Pill", which is a doco highlighting the plight of men and dads after divorce.

Here is a link and please feel free to share it to as many people with families as you can, or others.…

Be aware and be vigilant

Craig Peter DG
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