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I've gone out of any social media network i was [...]

Gießen, Hessen
via Ubuntu Planet
I've gone out of any social media network i was member in the internet and also out of any local group or movement. I read the book of Michael Tellinger and after reading it i decided to join in here.

I hope i will find people here that don't only talk, finding more people that are more acting than talking, cause that was the reason that i canceled all my memberships as i told above.

I am looking for new friends close to my location to create and life solutions for a more free living without the system thats around me. I am a full anarchist by heart, been gone through a long way of awakeness so that i came to the follwing result.

Only me and a possible godhead have to tell me what to do and rule me, nobody else can do it. I think there is no right without an other instance, right needs minimum a second person. But we have all the same options of what a human cab do and we always are legitimate in what we're doing.

ALso the system in the world are legitimate in what they're doing, but they are not more than neighbours to me. I hope that you know what i mean.

If some people ask me if i would like to live without any law or rule, if i like to have the right of the strongest back like it is in the nature, i tell them following:

We didn't change the law of the strongest, we only shift it a little. The strongest is know the government with the military and the police they use against us.

All the rules and laws in the world are made by humans and only relevant for that peaple that accept them.

All is only my opinion and i like to do exchange ideas and views with everyone who like to discuss obout.

regards from germany
Dirk Mueller
You can alway access me by Mail: [email protected]
Saturday 29 October 2016, 10:01:00
Saturday 29 October 2016, 18:04:31
Michael E. V. Knight
Can find some communities to work with here:…
Saturday 29 October 2016, 18:05:02
Michael E. V. Knight
The hardest part of this for all groups is finding like minded people living close enough to actually do what needs to be done to achieve it.
Saturday 29 October 2016, 18:06:47
Herzlich willkommen!
Saturday 29 October 2016, 20:41:32
Dirk Mueller
Danke Iva! Schön auch deutsch hier zu lesen.
Ich hoffe das ich trotz meines nicht gerade überragenden englisch's verständlich rüber gekommen bin. Leider ist mein aktueller Stand, also meine aktuelle Überzeugung, der Stand an dem ich gerade stehe, nicht in wenigen Worten rüberzubringen.

Ich finde Ubuntu ist ein möglicher Weg, der vielleicht noch etwas verfeinert werden kann. Leider sind noch viele Menschen unwissend (mehr auf einem anderen Kenntnisstand), bzw. in einem Kampf mit dem System in dem Land in dem sie wohnen. Kampf mit einem ungleichen Gegenüber ist, so finde ich, keine gute Idee.
Alternativen entwickeln und umzusetzen um das aktuelle System einfach nicht mehr zu brauchen, empfinde ich als bessere Lösung. So ist für mich Ubuntu eine Möglichkeit.
Sunday 30 October 2016, 01:40:00
Dirk Mueller
Here in Giessen germany where i live, we have a group of the "transition town movement". There a lot of ideas to live alternatively beside or better without the system here. But because there's not enough poeple to join in, all the ideas of that movement have not enough effect to change the living.

Whenever i tell people about that group and the ideas, people are surprised and agree with me that it would be nice to live that new kind of living, but as good as nobody is visiting the group to find out more about or to become a member of that movement.

We can be always successful if we're come together, that is the main problem why so many groups ore movements are not successful, cause there is not enough poeple living it. We can not convince people be telling them about what is possible, we can connvince them more by living it, so that they are looking on us seeing us luckky with this solutions.
Sunday 30 October 2016, 01:38:45
oliver s
welcome, that is well said. as humans we have the will to acomplish this and more, im still young and theres so much i still want to learn since i joined here i see more people joining and im sure in time we free more mind and unite the people and help shape this beautiful world for the better of mankind.
Sunday 30 October 2016, 22:10:34
Dirk Mueller
When we try to enlighten poeple we should not expect that the act the same way like we do. I'm going more to convince people by what i'm doing rather than to enlight them. If me is successful making people curious about what i'am doing, how i live successful different, they maybe ask me about what i'am doing and then i can tell them more easily about what happen and what i'm doing, they will listen, cause they asked me, they liked to know.

In Giessen where i live there is a movement that's called "Giessen lebt" means "Giessen lives" and is an instance of the world wide transition town movement.
There is a lot of ideas to live alternative beside the system to become more and more independent. All ideas are completely legal and so there is no one and nop law to tell us that we're not allowed to do what we're doing. So it is a way without fighting with the system to become independent and maybe one day we don't need the lokal system anymore.

We would habe been already more successful if more people would join this movement, if someone here is interestet and lives close or in Giessen, i'm always accessible and glad to meet new people.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 08:53:59
[deleted user]
dimugi, here's a bit of background regarding present organisations that are concerned with the envirionment and climate change:

(quote from the article in the link below):
"Let’s take a closer look at those “community meetings” you mentioned, to see if the customary deceptions might be lurking in the shadows once again when the light of truth is shown on them.

The organization designed to micromanage communities around the globe is called ICLEI — The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Once again at first glance, it can sound like a good idea. But when local governments sign up, they are in fact signing up to pay dues and adopt globalist policies through what is known as the “Delphi Technique.”

This is a process developed by the Rand Corporation for the US Defence Department where a highly trained, “likeable” facilitator uses divisive processes and covert shills in the community “audience” to subtly guide discussion groups and group conversation to come up with certain ideas and initiatives that have already been predetermined prior to the meeting.

This hides the coercive imposition of the agenda by clothing it in pseudo spontaneity and fake inclusiveness. Communities are not aware that they are being “directed” in this covert way.

ICLEI methods also include infiltrating local governments and influencing policy changes through the use of funding incentives and rewards".(end of quote)

Transition Town Totnes origin from the Fabian Society:…

Here is a short list of resources you might find useful:

PDF: United Nations Conference on Environment & Development: AGENDA 21
Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21
The U.N. Agenda 21 Wildlands Project … Taking Over America Starting...
VIDEO: Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards
Freedom Advocates: Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development
Freedom21: Advancing the principles of freedom in the 21st century
Dr. Rima Truth Reports: International Coalition to Defeat Agenda 21

Tuesday 1 November 2016, 08:58:02
Dirk Mueller
We will never know or find out about other people, what they really think or what goals they set themselves. If people don't do things by heart, they often act inadequate or do nothing at all. There is a lot of poeple only talking but not acting.

I heard a lot about what the view that rule the world plan with us, i can only tell that i'am of that opinion that it will someday hit all of us. So for me, there's no more time for only taslking. Some people think that they included, i will never hit them. So the think they have nothing to do or to change. I'am sure they are wrong and one day they find out. I're all sitting in one boat and there is no way out. I always tell about a train that is rolling against us. To close our eyes an to hope that the train will pass us is not a good idea. It is for sure better to jump from that railway. I hope you understand what i' trying to say, my english is not the best.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 09:28:37
[deleted user]
Are we the world? Who made up the world? Just some thoughts after reading your "the world plan with us".
I think I do get what you mean, dimugi. Walk our talk is a moral standard that I hold high. Transition Network has grown into many small and large groups, creating events that wake people up for sure. People have picked up the suggestion to start low key initiatives for the planet and our environment, to have
a good look at our attitude and use of material things, energy and find the advantage of cooperation with others. There are many more of these initiatives by now.

In my neighbourhood, where I lived many years, technically skilled residents created a big storage of utensils, gadgets, instruments, tools and machines, with a library system, so that each resident could make use of them and rent for free. There was a yearly membership for about 10 euro and it started around 1990. Communities living remote and off grid, also often have this system in place, including the use of cars, shared by everybody and necessary for bringing the kids to and from the Steiner-school.

The reason why I offered my former comment here, is that in my point of view, informing oneself of the background of initiatiaves, one has a great tool to check if someone's talk is one's walk. Many nowadays walk someone else's talk. The existence of an agenda such as Agenda 21 is a fact, it's a huge pdf document present on the site of the United Nations. In the US many suffer and have suffered already, from this agenda being played out. Many fruits we see in our present world are grown from the roots that are very old. Old plans once in the making, by those who feel superior over humanity. Also very old.

Having said this, it may come to pass that some day some people open their eyes to the whole truth, after having informed themselves in order to prevent overwhelm and shock, standing by, ready to support those who are. It's one of my motives to keep myself informed combined with being balanced as much as possible. Deep impact will reduce anxiety that way, as I perceive it.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 12:56:45
Kimberly Ledesma
Your English is really great! You'll have to teach me some German sometime. I think that you are talking about how everyone in the world has been talking about change for a long, long time but no one has taken the actual steps to make it happen. Empty promises from leaders and governments and wishful thinking in the masses. We want change but have been unsure how to go about doing it and we are separated by a world of space and time. Alone, we feel helpless. That is why this movement is so different. Built to unite the world and educate everyone. They already have communities who've begun the process for change and as a group/family of world populants, we support each other no matter who or where you are in the world, regardless of belief systems, religion, color or ideology. Welcome to the real deal!! "I think you're going to love it!" ~quoted Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mr. Willy Wonka (stated as they begin their journey to a whole new world of possibility!)
Here we go Dimugi! Ready or not, here we come! Glad to meet you, sort of and welcome. Looking forward. . . . . .
Thursday 3 November 2016, 20:07:03
[deleted user]
Another site offering many addresses of communities, just starting or longtime existing, intentional or as a group of rampant individuals,
is :///www.diggers&dreamers.o… An organisation with mainly UK communities, living more or less off grid. My experience in 5 of those
was a very intersting learning curve. Quite a bouquet of pink balloons went up in shreds, a crashing of my inexperienced dreamy view on
this lifestyle.

When a group of say 15 people decide to create a community, coming from a close friendship and openly shared ideals and views, the
practice of every day life, building, creating, problem solving, dealing with weather conditions, discussing issues of design, domestic
organisation, personally and as a community, all these challenges trigger very different aspects of the members, not always expected from
within the coziness of a longstanding friendship, with each living their own lives in their own private homes, in city or village.
It's really about training new muscles, metaphorically speaking, when it comes down to creating and building a community.

The small world of a remote community, on a remote spot of planet Earth, offers the same struggles and rubbing of shoulders
as those experienced on planet Earth as a whole. Only the fact that it's a small world, issues can be more easily discussed, solutions
can be tried out and new approaches can be put in practice or in place, where building homes is concerned.

Members may feel a strong urge to live off grid, in a natural way, in need of wildness and purity, or in rebellion to a nuclear way of life, the ratrace,
or in harmony and in sync with nature much. But to live it, practice it, endure the difficult moments, the disappointments of having to change the
home due to safety regulations, or finding a construction weak, going in decay soon, due to inexperience combined with haste to finish the home
before winter, or of suddenly losing one's income, or to witness a member's inability to cope with difference in other members' views and even
clashes, which are sometimes inevitable, that's a whole different cup of tea. It all depends on one's agility, creativity and honest and open attitude.

This text I found in a book called “Eurotopia” about Intentional Communities and Eco-villages in Europe, edition 2005:

1. When I speak of others in their absence, I am aware that I may be given form to a reality which doesn’t exist.

2. I speak about myself and others in such a way that it serves me and the others in their development.
Before I speak with someone about organisational matters outside of his/her field of work, I pause for a
moment and ask myself if this is the right time and place.

3. I constantly view myself as part of the whole and I consider what I can do for the growth and wellbeing
of the entire community.

4. I develop dreams of a new home and create that which I would like to receive from the others.

5. I do not burden the others with my bad mood, I either transform it into something
constructive or discuss it openly.

6. I care for the place where I live. I spread beauty and in this way I link myself to this place.
Every day I am open to others, I do not tie them down to past images and experiences.
I see them in their most beautiful form.

7. When I do not like something, I examine it to see if I cannot use it to make a suggestion
for the good of everyone else.

8. For “the superior man, if he sees good, he imitates it, if he has faults he rids himself of them”

9. I use energy, water, warmth and food consciously. I only take what I really need.

10. I do not take myself too seriously – but that which needs to be done”

The last one, nr. 10 sounds like good advise to me. Very much down to earth and a suggestion with a lovely twist in it.
For those of you interested in reading my journals of 5 months volunteering in UK-communities and 1 project in Spain,
this is my website
Thursday 3 November 2016, 22:33:24
[deleted user]
This is an excellent example of a lifestyle off grid, with numerous designs and solutions to the creation of a non-waste self sustainable system, a home with warmth and coolness and a water system going into a loop of 100% re-use. A pleasant presentation with good company of wit and a purring cat :)…
Thursday 3 November 2016, 23:58:15
[deleted user]
love that lifestyle
Saturday 5 November 2016, 21:09:32
Dirk Mueller
This kind of life is somewhere, somehow possible but not everywhere in the world at the moment. Here in germany all country is owned by someone and if you want to live that way you need to by a piece of land, therefore you need currently money.

So i am looking for other way's, alternative kind of living, alternative way's to do what ever i'm been doing.
I'm not alone here but have to contact old acquaintanceships, cause i've hided myself for a long time to work on me.

I have a plan to visit local groups to see how far thay have gone.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 21:42:20
[deleted user]
like dimugi i d like to find a spot in nature and build a place where my family could live without paying for it just like robinson crusoe.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 22:36:28
Dirk Mueller
A possible solution might be a person that owns such a spot but issen't able to care for itself. So maybe such a person is looking for help and willing to share it's peace of land. Maybe we can find more people with the same idea to come and live togehter. I've spoken with a lot of people about such a kind of lifestyle.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 22:42:47
[deleted user]
certainly we may find more people i do not want believe that we are alone to share the idea.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 22:46:06
Dirk Mueller
That's a good way. We're all together can make things great, everything will be successful i we act or support things and will be unsuccessful if we give up and don't support them. We create what happen and will be.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 22:51:19
Dirk Mueller
Don't wonder that you can not find the user dimugi here anymore, it's because i've changed my display name to my real name now.
I thought i have to change my name, cause i'd opened a circle here in the portal and i don't like to hide my real name as often as posible.
Sunday 6 November 2016, 00:49:53
[deleted user]
No, never give up when your dream is clear and the urge to make it come true is strong. I've prepared myself during 4 years, before leaving Holland.
Sometimes, for me it happens much more in the UK than in Holland, also during 23 years of holidays on this beautiful island, miracles happen in tiny
corners. Last summer, I walked over the moors near Tavistock, on Dartmoor and due to the absence of wayshowers, I walked up to a woman who
came out of her car on her driveway and I asked her for directions.

She had to call her husband, due to having arrived recently in this area. She offered me a drink and invited me to give me a "tour de maison"
showing me her farm, garden, orchard and a hayfield as large as a football field, 7 chickens and.... a beautiful barn, all made of wood, well
insulated and the family's temporarily home. The main house of the farm is under re-construction and the family of 4, mom, dad and 2 schoolkids,
live in the barn, which is beautifully made into a home for 4 people. They're hoping to move to the main house and celebrate Xmas in there.

As soon as I saw the upper floor of the barn, climbing up the steps, I felt "This is an excellent home for me, just the right location and atmosphere!"
Right on the moors, in complete silence and great views all around, a large dome of sky over me, a well with our own water, vegetables from the
garden, fruit from the orchard. In short, a dreamplace. No busstop, but a 20 minutes walk to Tavistock and a 10 minutes ride on my bike. No hills :)

The woman told me of her plan to rent out the barn and the attached buildings, with a bathroom, kitchen and storage space all for the tenant
of the barn. Independant from the main house, with its own entrance. "I first had a plan to turn it into a B&B, but I prefer a longterm tenant.
You're very welcome to rent it, maybe in a year or so, when the accomodation for kitchen and bathroom is made ready" she said.

We found an immediate understanding of each other and during our stroll through the garden I had told her of my background as a childminder,
cook and gardener and made it clear that I was happy to make use of those skills while living on her farm. With 2 working parents, any extra help in maintaining the place and share guardianship over the kids, when needed, is welcome. I'm a craftswoman as well and Tavistock nearby is a good thing.

We've arranged that we keep in touch and as soon as the construction work is done, she will give word that the barn is waiting for me. End of 2017.
Meanwhile, I'll move over to the N. West of Dartmoor and live in a home built of cob, over 400 years old, with the luxury of 2 rooms, quietude all around
and the presence of a large garden, with a vegetable plot plus greenhouse.

I'll have my first woodburner ever, in my living room, which I will light, while feeling very pleased with myself, for having found such great opportunities, in living conditions offered to me, since I decided to create a new life in the S. West of Britain. It proves that when your focus is clear, opportunities will begin to show up, as your creations, due to the attention you direct in making it come true. In company of trust. Never give up when your knowingness and the picture in company of it is clear
Sunday 6 November 2016, 08:16:39
[deleted user]
Man creates cosy home made entirely from shipping containers:…
Monday 7 November 2016, 16:11:36
Dirk Mueller
@Pastinakel: It's nice to see what people are doing to change their way of living. Here in germany something like that isn't possible, your not allowed bei the government to do it that way. If you like to build a house you have to ask and fill out an application, you have to wait for an possitive answer. A chance that they will accept such a kind of house is as good as zero in germany.

For example you're not allowed to live for a longer time in a garden area. As long as there is no one to tell it to the government (Regulation Office) there isn't a problem, the thing is only that people here work against each other and it's only a question of time till servants of the Regulation Office will appear.

As a free man i can tell always i am not interessted in laws or what they telling me i have to do, the problem is only that they use police and military to push through their will. I do a lot beside the system, mostly i don't care about it, but i always ask first how far i can go with ignoring it.

It needs a lot more people here to live that way, so that the government has no chance to fight it.
Monday 7 November 2016, 16:33:49
[deleted user]
It starts with one, Dirk Mueller and maybe others will follow. In Wales, communities have conquered freedom by slowly convincing mainstream building engineers who need to control their homes, that such a way of life is comfortable and that they're reasonable people and not madhatters who shake their fist agianst any authority they feel is in their way. The rules for building sustainable homes are bend a little and once this happens, more bending is likely to follow. It's mostly a resistence of minds that are used to one rigid way of thinking combined with the view on building, that it needs to be fast and cheap.
Any longterm process of building a cob house or strawbale house with a multitude of chambers, was first looked upon as crazy. These minds, working in the profit making industry need to be gently weanded of their rigidity. It needs an approach with sensibility, wit and common sense, never ridiculing those who hold the rules and arrive with mountains of paper work. These proceedings are part of their identity and no laughing stock. Only in that way, territory is won
Monday 7 November 2016, 18:21:05
Dirk Mueller
I am not the one looking for excuses but i am more then 15 years on my way of waking up. If met and seen a lot of people talking and only very view people acting.
Of those who where acting some have given up the fight or to operate, but a lot have given a lot of their time and money.

I am not the one to wait, i always support people that are doing something and sometimes i am myself a solution for me and others.

As long as most of the people only talking about changes but not acting, we will wait and maybe we will never achieve workable solutions.
Monday 7 November 2016, 19:15:34
[deleted user]
Without meaning anything in my comments towards you personal, Dirk, by suggesting to start "the work" in building this lifestyle
as if I mean NOW a very helpful and practical way to become part of this, in essence a different vibe and state of mind, is by
volunteering in communities and participate without a heavy burdenon shoulders, financially and project-wise.

I'm almost sure there are places in Germany, where sustainable ways of living are tried out. It's a huge country with much countryside.
Austria was the first country in the list of sustainable projects, in 2011, when I began to do my research for a jump into the unknown.
I've known quite a few German people who showed an attitude of "all or nothing" with standards that came close to perfectionism.
That's a very difficult stance, when jumping into the unknown. Not meaning to suggest that you're such a person, just sharing my experience.

Monday 7 November 2016, 19:28:22
Dirk Mueller
Don't worry, i never take something personal, i am writing that way out of my experience, that maybe some people go into themselfes to find out how they think and feel about it.
Monday 7 November 2016, 19:38:19
Dirk Mueller
I would write more exactly what i mean but my english is not the best, i am working with an online dictionary. But i think it is necessary to communicate around the globe, cause one country alone will not change the world.
Monday 7 November 2016, 19:43:59
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