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Why not make it 6.66?? As I said last week [...]

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Why not make it 6.66?? As I said last week - something is cooking in Italy and it ain't the pasta.

Headline. 'I saw hell': Norcia 6.6 earthquake devastates historic churches & buildings (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)…
Sunday 30 October 2016, 22:14:39
Earthquake prediction is notoriously difficult. In this country, if an earthquake over a certain magnitude is coming, everybody's mobile phone goes gaga. It's courtesy of Japan Meteorological Agency. Even then, it's only seconds ahead, so what can you do? Offer up a short but effective prayer a few seconds long?
Monday 31 October 2016, 04:02:57
For some people it is still worth knowing.
Monday 31 October 2016, 08:08:16
It will give you time to crawl under a table or desk. That's what Japanese children practice at school.
Monday 31 October 2016, 09:26:12
[deleted user]
Earthquake prediction is difficult because they don't understand them or what causes them. Somebody who has pretty good luck with this, taking the electric universe perspective, and relating them to solar activity, is Eric Dollard. The Sun is going to sleep, it's relaxing, which reduces the number of sun spots, but increases the number of coronal holes. This effects the internals of the planets, as well as the climates, and is the main driver of our "climate change", not cow farts. The number of mag. 6+ earthquakes has increased dramatically over the last decade, they used to be pretty rare, and its likely to get worse. Notice too an increase in the number of volcanoes coming out of dormancy. These are related. Dollard's system monitors the electrical activity inside the earth, and he gets between 24 & 48 hours advanced notice, as the planet starts to "sing" electrically before a big quake. You can hear a sample of this, converted to audio frequency here (…) and find more info here (
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 03:06:36
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 03:23:59
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 03:41:17
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 03:41:26
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 03:45:29
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