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Dover, Kent
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[deleted user]
Interesting interview, the web site is MetaHistory, in case anyone had trouble hearing it.

Tuesday 1 November 2016, 00:19:21
[deleted user]
I'm not sure if Max Igan uses his own brain or if it's used by some smoke and mirror game. At least he's a daily cannabis user, it's very clear to me.
For me it's a reason not to invest much attention to his presentations. It's not his words, his knowledge and views, it's his energy. Fragmented and easily triggered into anger, due to it. Longtime cannabis use does that to its users.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 09:46:14
tony a
Great talk, John Lash has done some great work on myth and Gnosticism. Thanks! By the way Pastinakei your comment has nothing to do with the talk but attacks Max and cannabis. I think you are out of order and just for the record long term use of cannabis does not fragment your mind and does not make you prone to angry bouts. So maybe you need to try some cannabis because your mind seems fragmented and you clearly have a lot of anger!!!
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 12:11:26
[deleted user]
I'm not attacking Max Igan, I've made that clear. He's free to do what he want, his work isn't my cup of tea.
It's clear to me that you're a cannabis user too, tony a.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 13:02:08
tony a
I'm many things and proud of all of them. While I've been fragmented and angry I've been able to accomplish an awful lot, I hope you have as well! (All said with a smile!)
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 14:01:40
[deleted user]
Nothing I share here is about someone's life being worthless or worthwhile. Fragmented or angry. We both have accomplished much.
I assume that we can react to each other's opinion in many different ways, when personal habits are involved and commented on.
Even when only present in others, which is the true topic of our discussion: Igan's energy. Besides, it's only my personal perception
and not written stoned.... ehhh... in stone, ha ha.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 14:10:54
[deleted user]
I've now received multiple comments from you today regarding anger. Why the preoccupation with anger Pastinakel? What's wrong with anger in your opinion? Just curious, not angry about your anger over anger.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 16:54:14
[deleted user]
There's nothing wrong with anger, it's when I project it on others and express it through my comments that I'm easy in trouble, finding resonance :)
I'm merely jokingly going about it, no hang ups whatsoever about anger, nor finding ways to express it in constructive ways for myself.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 19:32:09
[deleted user]
I like that, it's a constructive answer. I find that some people try to devalue anger, or put a guilt trip on those who express it. It's often done in a passive-aggressive, condescending way by people with a holier-than-thou attitude, as if they themselves never experience it. I wonder about those people, and how anyone can look at the world honestly and not experience the full range of emotions. There are constructive and destructive ways to express all of the emotions, some of us are more adept at handling their feelings than others, but the important thing I think is to find a constructive outlet for them.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 20:01:09
[deleted user]
Well said, oh yeaaahh... lol, keep on trucking
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 20:03:12
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