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Hey all just joined, totally dig the idea of freedom [...]

Carmel, Indiana
via The Freedom Cell Network
Hey all just joined, totally dig the idea of freedom cells, Agorism and counter currency. I was pouring concrete for new homes when the recession hit and lost my own house to Wells Fargo. Ive been living on the black and grey ever since. There is nothing like an order taker with a gun telling you to leave the house you raised kids in to wake you the fuck up.
Monday 31 October 2016, 21:53:11
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 13:53:49
Colin D
Welcome Willy. I live in Northern Illinois. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Hopefully we can construct a better society where things like that don't happen.
Friday 4 November 2016, 18:45:51
WillyB. Feral
Yeah thanks man, in a way it was a good thing, if it hadn't happen I'd still be in a sleepy state of mind.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 14:14:09
Colin D
Waking up is definitely a good thing.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 15:19:43
WillyB. Feral
Yes indeed it's motivated me to keep in shape because what good is a bug out bag if you can't bug out. :0)
Saturday 5 November 2016, 16:54:02
Colin D
That's badass dude.
Saturday 5 November 2016, 20:00:55
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