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Maplehurst, West Sussex
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we need more ex-police like this. they're the ones the current police should pay some attention and maybe create more ex-police
Wednesday 30 September 2015, 22:48:29
[deleted user]
cheers complex12. glad you like it..........the way society is now, we need police.......... I'm not sure an exodus of good police, (because they would be the ones that would leave ) would help the world because it would leave the few bad ones still in uniform. Much better to have good folk within all organizations doing what they can to ensure nothing against common sense. Ie having the balls to say no when being asked to do something wrong. Just my idea, no dig at you in any has even crossed my mind to join again, but i dont think they would have me now i'm pushing 50 ! haha good luck where ever you are. jan
Thursday 1 October 2015, 09:05:55
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