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Do not use the big cooperations, shop in your locally [...]

Clogherboy Park, County Meath
via The Full Circle Project
Do not use the big cooperations, shop in your locally owned stores this alone will cause massive changes for the greater good.
Really good start, but most of the items are still made elsewhere, Find your version of the Cesta Que Trust and start bleeding the Beast!!!
Friday 2 October 2015, 10:03:42
irelands peace keeper
true amanda, alot of local shops in ireland have mainly irish products, especially the fresh produce, why buy stuff in a tin or a box. its time to get back to basics.
Saturday 3 October 2015, 23:04:49
that's right, vote with your wallet
Saturday 31 October 2015, 10:26:08
irelands peace keeper
I have stamped thier money with messages, or wrote on all my notes to awaken the masses, use their tools against them, pread the word thro their money.
Saturday 31 October 2015, 10:28:53
I used to do that too... Or even in the free daily papers, I would stamp them too and leave them on the subway/train
Saturday 31 October 2015, 16:30:35
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