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I feel strongly about the importance of life-lessons and the [...]

Roswell, Georgia
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I feel strongly about the importance of life-lessons and the responsibility of "Elders" who have lived thru enormous difficulties to depart this knowledge to those who ask.
It is our responsibility to teach conscious behavior and self governance to those needing assistance without enabling victim-bonding or guru worship.
The current educational system was designed to provide the common people a rigged (very well thought out) obedience indoctrination and it MUST END.
A human being is an emotional experience which can be nurtured without dependency on acknowledgement. But the first step for that individual is to realize how they have been indoctrinated and how it has influenced their inability to truly know themselves.
A Great Teacher is one who readily admits they have hardly learned a thing, but Knows who they are and why they are here.

Yes our schooling is very warped. The kids are locked in and there is a police officer on hand to deal with the unruly. How this is much different from prison I am still trying to figure out- oh yeah, they get to go home at night. What is being taught and not being taught boggles the mind and crushes the soul. I would never subject any child to this, knowing what I know now.
Saturday 3 October 2015, 09:49:54
I have a deep respect for anyone with children these days - the challenges they face (if aware) must be overwhelming.
Saturday 3 October 2015, 18:04:06
@Oshi As long as one has still free choice like vaccination or not, kind of food, TV or not, school or unshooling etc. the only thing that happens is you are the strange one. It becomes overwhelming when you think of geoengineering and other topics where you as a parent cant make a effective choice. You know what I mean?
Monday 12 October 2015, 04:10:55
Blessings to you nicole.die... I can't imagine the difficulties you must face while attempting to protect and raise your children.

Tuesday 13 October 2015, 22:25:18
Music Alchemy
I would love to connect with you guys
Friday 22 January 2016, 14:16:39
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